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Yan Jun Assumed the President of China Global Philanthropy Institute



    On September 2, 2020, Yan Jun, the second president of China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), officially took office and met with all the faculty and staff of the Institute. Chairman of the board Ma Weihua, director Lei Yongsheng, director Fang Yi, director Shen Xuxin and director Ray Dalio’s representative Han Can who is also the secretary-general of Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation attended the meeting. On behalf of the board of directors, Chairman Ma Weihua placed three expectations on president Yan Jun and all colleagues. First, scientific governance and strict management is a must for the Institute; second, advanced concepts and clear strategies shall be planted in their minds; third, they are supposed to adhere to an innovative spirit and steady pace, and CGPI should take innovation as its character and culture, firm its mission to open up new paths and future for China's philanthropy and implement its aspirations and ambitions. Chairman Ma also expressed his hope that under the leadership of the new president Yan Jun, CGPI would make extraordinary achievements through down to earth actions.


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