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Life is of Paramount Importance: Endeavor of CGPI Alumni in Epidemic


  Unity is strength

  At the peak of 2020 Spring Festival travel rush, NCP infection broke out in many regions in China with many cities closed and many provinces having activated first-level response to major public health emergencies. The battle against this outbreak has raised public concern.

  With sense of duty and responsibility, CGPI alumni have been working together to support the fight against the novel coronavirus infection, and contribute to winning epidemic prevention and control.

  Fighting against the outbreak: CGPI in action

  After the outbreak, CGPI Alumni Association immediately contacted the alumni organization in Hubei Charity Federation to express their determination to jointly fight the epidemic and hope to grasp local trends and needs timely so as to cooperate with enterprises and philanthropic groups to contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

  After quick discussion and division of labor, CGPI Alumni Association, Intellisia Institute, and OCCFC Environmental Health Care Fund for Occupational Group jointly initiated a project to “send 150,000 N95 respirators to Wuhan together”. Many parties complement each other and jointly fight the epidemic situation, and will endeavor to further obtain 300,000 masks to help the epidemic area, and have entrusted Hubei Charity Federation for implementation. At present, 150,000 3M™ 8210 N95 respirators and 3M™ N95 1870 masks that meet overseas standards are urgently purchased, and the first batch of 50,000 masks has arrived at Guangzhou Customs today.

  CGPI Alumni Association and OCCFC Environmental Health Care Fund for Occupational Group are looking for medical protective materials (medical protective masks, goggles, protective suits, isolation gown, and rubber gloves) and Chinese herbal medicine prevention and treatment products at home and abroad for NCP prevention and control: mainly for effective prevention and treatment of susceptible people in accordance with relevant instructions of Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme of the Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus (Trial Version 3) issued by National Health Commission and regional prevention and treatment schemes issued by provincial health committees. Whether you have the ability to donate or not, please contact us ASAP if you have any clues, and we will make all efforts to deliver emergency medical supplies to the epidemic area!

  (Acquired NIOSH Certification)

  “Life is of paramount importance. When an epidemic breaks out, we have no time to wait. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it.” The fight against epidemic is still ongoing, and CGPI and OCCFC Environmental Health Care Fund for Occupational Group will keep supporting it. Looking for medical supplies (traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine) and medical protective materials companies with capacity - let us overcome the difficulties together!

  Related information consultation

  CGPI contact: Mr. Cai, 15801067200

  OCCFC Environmental Health Care Fund for Occupational Group contact: Ms. Luo, 13410081556

  Welcome more partners with whether information or resources, please feel free to contact us!

  Part 1: How to donate

  Account name: Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China

  Account No.: 3233 5601 8574

  Remarks on transfers: “For protective supplies and medicine”. Make sure to remark in the transfer notes! [Care Fund for Occupational Group] or the fund will not be used to purchase supplies.

  Account bank: Dongcheng Sub-branch, Bank of China Beijing Branch

  Currency: RMB (For overseas alumni donating in Euro, USD, and HKD, etc., please contact us)

  Note: Donation, purchase, logistics, execution, and feedback of fund activities accept supervision from all walks of life. Cargo information, freight information, and transaction information will be open to the public!

  Others: Welcome more paid / gratis protective materials and drug providers to contact us in time.

  Part2: Purchase and transport

  According to the feedback from overseas business partners, the first batch of 50,000 out of 150,000 masks is already done.

  Purchase progress: 50,000 3M N95 8210 masks (CIF RMB 6.4 per piece) and 4,600 3M N95 1870 masks (CIF RMB 15.8 yuan per piece) have been successfully purchased. About RMB 320,000 for this batch is temporarily advanced by the overseas partner, and payment will be done after fundraising is completed.

  Transport progress: From New Delhi, India to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport by air on January 28 (Tuesday).

  Communication with the local: Communication mechanism with Hubei Charity Federation and major hospitals are gradually established, and supplies will be purchased and distributed as needed.

  Love the world and overcome the difficulties together

  In view of rapid development of the epidemic situation, epidemic areas such as Wuhan and some other cities are faced with shortage of epidemic prevention materials. In epidemic outbreak, everyone can be a warrior!

  Adhering to the school motto of “All-embracing Love and Benevolence”, we propose:

  CGPI alumni and alumni organizations, please work together with all-embracing love and benevolence, and do our best to mobilize all available resources to participate in the fight against this NCP outbreak, let us win this battle together!

  Faced with such major epidemic, we all become small and may not countermarch directly at the frontline, but at least we can choose to work together and do what we can. This is our original intention as philanthropists.

  Here we appreciate all those who countermarch!

  How to report progress

  CGPI Alumni Association, Intellisia Institute, and OCCFC Environmental Health Care Fund for Occupational Group will report the progress timely via WeChat Official Account and regular briefings.

  Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks again to the alumni and all walks of life that trust and support this project.


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