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GPL Thoughts Sharing Conference | "Business for Social Good and Family Inheritance" Held in Shanghai



    On the afternoon of Sept. 18, the Thoughts Sharing Conference themed with "Business for Social Good and Family Inheritance" and dinner party sponsored by China Global Philanthropy Institute and assisted by Lingyun Capital was held in Shanghai. Alumni of GPL East China and nearly 40 entrepreneurs and philanthropists attended the event.

 President Wang Zhenyao delivered a keynote speech titled Creation of Social Value in the Era of Philanthropic Economy. He mentioned that "an era of philanthropic economy is coming rapidly, the trend of social value leading economic value is taking shape, and the structure and form of wealth must be transformed." At the same time, he believed that "the advance of wealth highlights people's pursuit of high-level wealth and a better life".

  What is high-level wealth?

  -- Form of high-level wealth: social undertaking and social value

  -- Core of high-level wealth: social capital

  What is the core of social capital?

  -- Social value of the true, the good and the beautiful

  Seeking truth enables people to be wise

  Good deeds make people excel in virtue

  Creation of beauty makes people imaginative

  How to develop social capital?

  -- Development and constant learning of philanthropy knowledge

 President Wang Zhenyao pointed out that "benevolent people use wealth to achieve their ideals, while people who are not benevolent use themselves as tools to obtain wealth". Entrepreneurs and wealthy people shall learn from the ancient people and the path and mode of such centuries-old wealthy family inheritance as Rockefeller to create social capital, improve family inheritance and promote shared civilization of the mankind.

 Mr. Xi Zhiyong, GPL alumnus and Chairman of Cherish-Yearn, a well-known elderly care brand, shared what he has learnt in GPL and the experience in establishing an elderly care enterprise with social value. That day coincided with the 60th birthday of Mr. Xi Zhiyong. He said emotionally: "Before coming to the Institute, I learnt the value of business and conducting myself from MBA and EMBA. However, GPL allows me to find the value of life. Operating a company is no longer just for business value but to find solutions to social problems. The value of philanthropy is far above business value." It further confirms the advent of "an era of philanthropic economy" from the perspective of entrepreneurs!" He also shared innovative concepts, such as philanthropy angel investor, philanthropy partner, etc.

 Ms. Wang Pei, GPL alumna and Executive Director of Hywin Financial Holding Group, shared her original aspiration and the power brought to career, family and life as wealth is endowed with "goodness" based on the theme of "Wealth Management and Road to Philanthropy.

 As Wang Pei is personally engaged in the financial industry, especially the wealth management industry, she believes that "Wealth is like water. When those who own it choose to empower it with love, goodness and responsibility, it will also take shape with things, and spread love, goodness and responsibility farther and longer."

 A plot in Steve Jobs: A Biography left a deep impression on me, that is, Jobs and his foster father made a cupboard together. In the process of production, his foster father insisted that the back of the cupboard be done perfectly, and told Jobs: "A really good carpenter will make the back of the cupboard as good as the front".

 I really miss those times when I studied and exchanged views with the President, teachers and students. GPL course allows me to step into the door of philanthropy in the world, and the comprehensive and systematic course has greatly improved my understanding of the concept of philanthropy and the assumption of the future pattern, so that our actions of philanthropy will be more precise and effective.

 Professor Fu Changbo, Assistant Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute, hosted the event and pointed out that: "On Aug. 19 a month ago, CEOs of 181 globally leading companies in the United States signed the Statement on Corporate Purpose, indicating that the capitalist business system of 'maximizing the interests of shareholders' is no longer the logic of the development of this era. A new era of business civilization that is responsible for the human environment and all stakeholders has officially begun. Chinese entrepreneurs and philanthropy leaders shall lead this era and provide important experience for global new business, new philanthropy and new inheritance".

 Hong Bicong, GPL alumna, Executive Director of Shanghai Hongyi Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. and partner of PreAngel; Zhang Feiyan, GPL alumnus, founder of Victory Education Foundation and Chairman of Shanghai Victory Group Co., Ltd., Hong Bibo, director of Hongyi Group, Fang Hongjin, former famous CCTV host, etc. participated in the activity and carried out wonderful exchanges and discussions on business for social good and family.


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