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Wang Zhenyao: Focusing on Poverty Alleviation and Securing a Decisive Victory in 2020 Are an Incentive and a Test for Philanthropy


  The 2019 International Public Welfare Symposium of China Charity Fair themed with "Great Power Battle in 2020" was held in Shenzhen on Sept. 20. This Symposium aims at combining wisdom in the sector of philanthropy and contributing to the eradication of poverty at the critical moment of securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects when it's urgent to alleviate poverty.

  At the Symposium, Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute and President of China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, presided over the sub-forum of "sharing of Global poverty reduction experience" and commented on the entire Symposium.

  Wang Zhenyao worked in the Ministry of Civil Affairs for 22 years and made important contributions to popularizing the rural direct election system, building a minimum living standard security system for urban and rural residents and establishing a four-level response system for emergency relief of natural disasters. He was commended by the state for Wenchuan Earthquake relief, and promoted the establishment of orphan's pension, old age allowance and other national basic social welfare systems.

  At the Symposium, Wang Zhenyao said that for the philanthropy sector, demonstrating Great Power Battle in 2020 around the theme of "focusing on poverty alleviation and striving for a better life" was actually an incentive and more of a test for us.

  Real records of the speech are shown as follows

  As the keynote speech comes, I actually listen to your sharing with a whole new spirit. I feel that for the philanthropy sector, we start with a decisive battle, and the final bugle has sounded. We demonstrate Great Power Battle in 2020 around the theme of "focusing on poverty alleviation and striving for a better life", which is actually an incentive and more of a test for us.

  Why is it a test? Professor Tang Min, consultant of the State Council, Chairman of China Charity Alliance Rural Revitalization Committee, Vice Chairman of YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation and a senior expert on rural issues, said at the Symposium that if we unite enterprises with the government and philanthropy organizations, we can achieve great deeds and play a big role in the great strategy of rural revitalization.

  Well, I think so. It has been recognized by society that philanthropy organizations can achieve great deeds and take some big actions. However, the test is that the attention paid to philanthropy by society, government, enterprises and international friends and their enthusiasm for participation is far beyond our expectations.

  In short, I feel the common voice from what I heard at the meeting today. I hope that the philanthropy sector will unite into one and do greater deeds to show the strength of our people in China and even in the world.


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