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“Business for Good and Family Inheritance” Thoughts Sharing Meeting was held in Guantang Arts District of Beijing


On September 7, “Business for Good and Family Inheritance” Philanthropy Thoughts Sharing Meeting and concert jointly held by China Global Philanthropy Institute and BEIJING CATHAY VIEW CULTURE ART CO.,LTD was held in Guantang Art District, Beijing. Mr. Li Baokang, founder of Guantang Art District, gave the welcome speech. President Wang Zhenyao delivered the keynote speech of Social Value Creation in the Era of Good Economy. Mr. Dong Fangjun, GPL student; Elizabeth Crane, American GPL student; Mr. Chen Huaiyuan, the founder of Standard & Consensus, Mr. Li Feng, a well-known artist, shared their experience. Nearly 80 entrepreneurs, art and culture personage attended the activity, and assistant dean Professor Fu Changbo presided over the whole activity. 

In the keynote speech of “Business for Good and Family Inheritance”, President Wang Zhenyao pointed out that with the transformation of the structure of wealth, the value created by the tertiary industry exceeds that of the primary and secondary industries and enters the era of "good economy" where social value leads economic value. In the era of good economy, we should practice large-scale and leading public charity, build influential public charity projects with prominent charitable families in China and the world, promote enterprise upgrading and lead economic transformation.

Seeking truth makes people wise, being good makes people virtuous. The core of the era of "good economy" is the social values of truth, goodness and beauty. Guangtang Art District, born to good everywhere, will become the engine of "good economy".

Dong Fangjun, a member of GPL, chairman of Huiquan International Investment Group, and a member of the “Giving Pledge”, a global philanthropic initiative launched by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, gave a speech on Artistic Philanthropy and Rural Revitalization, shared his learning experience of participating in GPL Global Philanthropy Leadership project, and course of mind of deciding to join the "giving pledge" after meeting Bill Gates, as well as the great influence on his pattern and vision after joining China Global Philanthropy Institute and “Giving Pledge”.

Under the support of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Mr. Dong Fangjun co-built the art revitalization project -- "Taohua Island in Shandong -- Art Activation Countryside" with Mr. Paul Andrew, a famous French designer, and Mr. Soichiro Fukutake, former President of Benesse Corporation in Japan. At the invitation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he joined the public action project of AIDS prevention and treatment in Liangshan.

I talked to Bill Gates, Rockefeller Family, Modi family in India, about global climate, marine ecology, the revitalization of the arts, the toilet revolution. People and things that I thought were very far away are close at hand. Mr. Dong Fangjun said about the feeling of joining the GPL of China Global Philanthropy Institute

Elizabeth Crane, a member of the GPL and the eighth generation of the Crane family in Massachusetts, United States, shared the Crane family's heritage experience and philosophy of business and philanthropy. 

Ms. Elizabeth said that her family has a long history of charity practices and good family traditions and cultural heritage, but it is because of excessive humility and low-key, she has never seriously understood their ancestors and history. After attending the GPL course, she began to look through the materials and carefully sort them out, which led to today's sharing content. At present, her family business no longer has the need to inherit. She also began to discuss the inheritance of social capital with her family.

Mr. Chen Huaiyuan, the founder of Standard & Consensus, shared the international development trend of art finance and family inheritance, and introduced how to realize the securitization and tradability of the art with high value but indivisible and inconvenient to inherit by block chain technology.

Mr. Li Feng, a well-known artist, shared his practice of founding Beijing Hefeng Art Foundation to promote social progress with artistic enlightenment, and introduced bringing cultural and art education to rural China to help children there build up confidence and achieve transformation from inside out.

As the host of the event, Fu Changbo, assistant dean, mentioned that just a few days ago, 181 CEOs of leading companies in the United States, represented by Bezos of Amazon and Cook of Apple, signed the "Statement on Corporate Purpose". This is a milestone that marks the beginning of a new era of business civilization that is accountable to the human environment and to all stakeholders. In the new era of business civilization, Chinese entrepreneurs and philanthropists are more qualified to become leaders of the new era.

Nearly 80 guests including GPL alumnus Yi Silai, Italy ToChinaHub China director Fei Xiaolong, several members from Wisdom Valley, founder of Manling Studio and Confucius 76th generation successor Kong Lingjun were invited to attend the meeting. Late in the afternoon, the honored guests enjoyed dinner at the outdoor platform of Guantang Art District, watched the water curtain projection digital cultural relics "Shi Qu Bao Ji", appreciated the young artist Chen Yi Teng playing piano and national first-class performer of China Oriental song and dance troupe Kong Ziwen singing.

In the event, the first creative challenge program in China dedicated to solving social pain points called "Social Innovation Storm", jointly produced by China Global Philanthropy Institute, Li Hai Film Company, Driesen Film and Hairun Media, was inaugurated.


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