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“Business for Good and Family Inheritance” Thoughts Sharing Meeting was held in Shenzhen


On the afternoon of September 1, the "Business for Good and Family Inheritance" Philanthropy Thoughts Sharing Meeting and Philanthropy dinner jointly held by China Global Philanthropy Institute and Global Impact Investment Club was held in Ziyunxiangshe, Shenzhen. Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute and China Philanthropy Research Institute delivered the keynote speech of “Business for Good and Family Inheritance". Ms. You Zhonghui, GPL member, founder of SHENZHEN SEASKYLAND TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. and participant of the “Giving Pledge", shared the theme of “Ways to do Philanthropy”. GPL member and founder of the Institute of Relationship Wisdom Ren Ya shared the theme of “the Power of Philanthropy and Wisdom Relationship”. Fu Changbo, assistant dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and professor of Beijing Normal University hosted the activity. GPL members Yi Bing, Li Huijuan, Li Yue, Liu Xia, Bao Li and nearly 30 philanthropists participated in the activity and shared their experience.

President Wang Zhenyao pointed out in the keynote speech of “Business for Good and Family Inheritance" that with the transformation of the structure of wealth, social value began to lead economic value, which was the biggest trend in the world. In the era of good economy, the inheritance of wealth families needs new inheritance power. The social values of truth, good and beauty can be used to discover and create high-level wealth, carry forward good knowledge and good ethics, lead technology to good, and promote enterprise upgrading.

President Wang Zhenyao believes that the highest inheritance of a family is social inheritance, and wealth families should take wealth as trust funds entrusted to them by the society, and shoulder social responsibilities.

GPL member Ms. You Zhonghui shared the theme of “Ways to do Philanthropy”. Ms. You shared her experience of studying in Harvard University, New York, Rockefeller Manor and Seattle in 2017 in the GPL Global Philanthropy Leaders program. Then she decided to join the Giving Pledge, a global philanthropic initiative launched by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, becoming the first female philanthropist of Giving Pledge in the Chinese mainland.

Every year, Ms. You Zhonghui will discuss with philanthropists from all over the world how to solve the sharp problems brought by the development of human society, such as global warming, refugee protection in Africa, children's education, Alzheimer’s disease, etc., showing the charity style of China to the world.

Ms. You Zhonghui pointed out that it is the inevitable historical mission of Global Philanthropy Leaders to lead business values with social values and superimpose business achievements with social missions. Spread charity culture, and carry forward the spirit of charity, always on the road. Enterprises should contribute more positive energy to social charity and promote the development of social civilization while developing and strengthening.

The following session was shared by Ms. Ren ya, founder of the Institute of Relationship Wisdom and a member of the GPL, on the theme of “the Power of Philanthropy and Wisdom Relationship”. Ms. Ren said that since she joined the GPL program, she has witnessed the miracle of charity spirit achieving lasting wealth after talking to families that have been passed down for a hundred years, solving her confusion of “from clogs to clogs is only three generations”.

Ms. Ren Ya points out that her research has found that both the Rockefeller family, which has been rich for more than seven generations in the United States, and the multigenerational wealth families in Chinese history share a common trait – paying attention to philanthropy. Unconditional giving to others creates peace of mind. We can all observe that kindness can even be reflected on the face, making people more and more beautiful. This is based on theory and practice from the perspective of relationship wisdom research.

As the host of the event, Fu Changbo, assistant dean, concluded that just a few days ago, 181 CEOs of leading companies in the United States, represented by Bezos of Amazon and Cook of Apple, signed the "Statement on Corporate Purpose". This is a milestone that marks the beginning of a new era of business civilization that is accountable to the human environment and to all stakeholders. In the pursuit of a new era of business civilization "benefiting all stakeholders", Chinese entrepreneurs and philanthropists are more qualified to be the leaders of the new era. Combined with characteristics of China, the philanthropy leaders can boldly explore ways to integrate diverse entities into impact investments and provide important experience for new business and philanthropy around the world.

At the dinner party, more than 30 philanthropists talked about their relationship with public welfare and charity, and said that they had gained a lot through the “Business for Good and Family Inheritance” Thoughts Sharing Meeting.


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