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President Wang Zhenyao invited to attend “No Public Welfare, No Business-- Ronghua Public Welfare Model Forum”


While accompanying President Wang Zhenyao and his entourages on the visit to Ronghua Red Reception Room, Record of Ronghua Events and Ronghua Party Activity Room, Cui Ronghua, President of Ronghua Holding Enterprise Group, as well as her senior executives, gave an introduction to the Party construction and development of the Group. The team of Global Philanthropy Institute highly appreciated the core values of the Group, “Honor from Responsibility and Achievement from Morality” and its enterprise development model of multi-industry synergetic development.

At the symposium, Chairman Cui Ronghua warmly welcomed the arrival of President Wang Zhenyao and his entourages and looked forward to deeper exchanges and interactions in the development of charities between the two sides. President Wang Zhenyao affirmed that Ronghua Holdings has always been adhering to charities over the years and expected that Ronghua Holdings would continue to work hard on charities and contribute to the substantial development of public welfare undertakings in Shaanxi Province.

In his keynote speech, President Wang Zhenyao indicated that “no public welfare, no business” is the theme of modern economic and social development. With the advent of the good economy era, the trend of commercial civilization has changed: enterprise social value determines economic value; public welfare determines booms and busts. This requires enterprises actively expand their added value of public welfare, invest in such projects as culture, art, leisure, health regimen, education and so on, find common growing points between social and enterprise capital, expand projects with social values, and promote a virtuous cycle of social and enterprise capital.

President Wang Zhenyao believed that Ronghua Holdings was worth using for reference in transforming social capital into enterprise capital. The greater the responsibility is, the more an enterprise should benefit the country and people. “Xi'an flavor” designed jointly by Ronghua Holdings and French Guerlain is such a project for the enterprises to expand its wealth and produce profound social influence.

Chairman Cui Ronghua showed appreciation to President Wang Zhenyao for his keynote speech and indicated that the speech showed clearly the direction for the development of Ronghua charity and had great reference signification.

Ma Siyuan, Deputy Secretary-General of Ronghua Charity Foundation, introduced the mode of Ronghua Public Welfare to the participants, who reviewed public welfare events by Ronghua Holdings and kept statistics of its charitable investment from the following aspects, like donation for education, child welfare, industrial poverty alleviation and disaster assistance. Since the establishment of the Group in 1994, the accumulative total of direct donation has reached 220 million yuan and the investment in public utilities about 350 million yuan.

Ma Siyuan made a detailed analysis of the operation of Ronghua Charity Foundation since its establishment, as well as the direction and mode of its future development. He said that the synergistic development mode of various industries in the Group provided many starting points and common growing points for Ronghua Charity Foundation. Next, Ronghua Charitable Foundation will continue to work hard on the succor of orphans and disabled children, public welfare for the aged and revitalization of ancient buildings, and adhere to its core values, “Honor from Responsibility and Achievement from Morality”, and its good vision, “To Live Is To Help Others Live a Better Life”. With the joint efforts of Ronghua people, standardized and transparent operation will help Ronghua Charity Foundation with its better development.


Director Zhang Chengcheng shared his experience in years of exchange and learning, and put forward a new understanding of “what is the mode of Ronghua Public Welfare”.

President Wang Zhenyao attended the seminar on methodology of corporate philanthropy, together with Wang Qinghong, Director of CASS Center on International Cooperation and Executive Secretary of the East-West Charity Forum, Zhang Rui, Executive Director of International Cooperation Affairs of Global Philanthropy Institute and Chief Operating Officer of East-West Charity Forum, Chairman Cui Ronghua, as well as senior executives of Ronghua Group, and Director Zhang Chengcheng, as well as leaders of Ronghua Charity Foundation, who discussed the development mode and direction of corporate philanthropy in detail and gave instructions on the development direction and public welfare mode of Ronghua Charity Foundation.


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