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Art Philanthropy Sixiang Concert Held in Shenzhen. Famous Pianist Zhou Qinling Performed in Summer


On August 7, Sponsored by Shenzhen China Global Philanthropy Institute, Harmony Club and Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce, and co-sponsored by Great Art Space and Miaoyin Tongshan Association, Shenzhen Charity Alliance, as a supporting unit, Art Philanthropy Sixiang Concert held in Shenzhen, bringing Shenzhen, the capital of innovation, top international music, audio-visual enjoyment and innovative ideas of art charity.

Professor Zhou Qinling, a famous pianist and philanthropist, and Winner of the "Mozart Medal" of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), who was born in Chaoshan, Shenzhen, and lives in France; Tu Yuliang, a famous pianist and teacher of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Xie Yawen, Young performer of the Hong Kong Bauhinia Troupe, Ou Qiwen, Director and Secretary General of Harmony Club, member of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; Zheng Haizhou, Chairman-in-Office of Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce; Lin Yingnan, Wu Yudan and Huang Yuning, Vice Presidents of Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce; Huang Jiantai, Secretary General of Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce; Yang Wei and Ke Jiujian, Vice Chairmen of Miaoyin Tongshan Association; Li Hongzhao, Vice Chairman of Shantou Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; Zhao Bing, President of Hongming International and founder of Great Art Space, and other leaders and guests of the Organizer attended the concert. More than 160 people from business circles, business institute, cultural and art circles, philanthropy circles, philanthropy institute and media circles attended the Concert. Liu Binghua, Assistant Dean of Shenzhen China Global Philanthropy Institute, presided over the event.

Professor Zhou Qinling, a famous pianist and philanthropist, and Winner of the "Mozart Medal" of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), who lives in France, came to Shenzhen to share her philanthropy life of art, and presented a magnificent banquet of art philanthropy piano music to the audience with Tu Yuliang, a famous pianist and teacher of the Piano Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and Xie Yawen, a young performer of the Hong Kong Bauhinia Art Troupe after completed a summer piano performance and Braille music symbols teacher training course at the China Braille Library.

In the activity, Professor Zhou Qinling shared her artistic philanthropy life. She said, "when I was very young, my family left Chaozhou-Shantou Region with my grandfather and went to Shanghai. Enlightened by the local Chaozhou music, I took the art road and passed the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Due to her ill-fated life, she has endured many unexpected hardships and survived after being rescued after a serious illness. Therefore, she often thinks about giving back to the society and helping the difficult and vulnerable groups within her capacity. I am very excited to be invited by the China Global Philanthropy Institute to attend the Art Philanthropy Sixiang Concert. Music, as an art, can touch the soul and exert the powerful power that words and language cannot replace. When my team and I bring music to the poor and special people, it is not with compassion and charity, but on the basis of love and respect, so that the listeners can feel the power of music in times of distress, which helps them to self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement from the heart."



At the piano concert that followed, Professor Zhou Qinling, together with renowned pianist Tu Yuliang, a teacher from Piano Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music and Xie Yawen, young performer of the Hong Kong Bauhinia Art Troupe, played "Regard du Pere", "The Stare of the Virgin Mother", "Chasing the Moon by Colorful Clouds", "The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto", "Liuyang River", "Red Flower Covering the Hills" and "Bolero". They presented an elegant music feast for the guests present at the event, so that everyone can feel the beauty of art in the fast and slow rhythm, ups and downs of the melody.


As an internationally renowned pianist, Ms. Zhou Qinling has performed all year round in the East and West, cultivated many students, served as a judge of many piano competitions, and has won the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres “Chevalier" and "Officier" and other honors. As the first Chinese artist in history on the United Nations rostrum, she has been highly recognized and respected in the international community. Piano Teaching Methodology (MIDO) written by her was named one of the ten best piano teaching materials in the world by the French magazine Music World.


In the first half of her life, art is a career she has been pursuing; later in her life, she spread and inherited goodness and beauty through art.

Over the years, Ms. Zhou Qinling has actively organized philanthropy performances and services for such well-known charities as "Doctors Without Borders", "French Red Cross", "French Anti-Cancer Life Foundation", "Ordre de Malte", "Association Valentin Haüy", and "Un Enfant Par La Main", to raise money for charity through music and to promote the culture of compassion and peace. In 1995, she founded the "International Youth Cultural and Artistic Exchange Conference", which was recognized and supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In 2007, she founded the "Su Chongai Foundation" in Guangdong, China, named after her ancestors, to support the elderly and poor children. In 2014, she began promoting the scientific application of Blair's score designed for the blind in China. In October 2015, she founded the AIVC and served as its founding Chairman. In October 2017, Ligue Universelle du Bien Public presented Zhou Qinling with a "Silver Medal of Palm Leaf Laurel" in recognition of her contribution to international philanthropy.

In the summer piano performance and braille music symbol teacher training class just finished last week, Professor Zhou Qinling stressed that playing the piano is a very serious thing, depending on the scientific method. Teachers attending the training mentioned that most blind students learn the piano by listening. Although many blind students are gifted, their movements are not standard and their pronunciation is not accurate. Professor Zhou Qinling urgently pointed out that "playing the piano at random will only waste the blind students' time. We must popularize scientific score designed for the blind, accurate sitting posture and techniques." She traveled thousands of miles to Beijing to carry out the training, instructing blind students and teachers in piano playing skills. "Try our best to promote blind students to learn score designed for the blind".

Wang Zhenyao, Dean of the China Global Philanthropy Institute and China Philanthropy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University, once pointed out: "At present, Chinese society is undergoing drastic changes in the distribution of wealth and social resources, and there are many economic and environmental challenges. Instead of blindly pursuing economic benefits, we should return to culture, and many people think music is optional, but music is an important part of life. Art purifies the soul and nourishes philanthropy"

The China Global Philanthropy Institute has been committed to building a platform for Chinese philanthropic talents to communicate with the rest of the world. There are also many projects in the field of artistic philanthropy, including multiple art philanthropy courses of Global Philanthropy Leaders Program(GPL), such as International Arts Charity and Social Services, "Art Activates the Country" project participated by world famous architect Paul Andrews and philanthropy projects such as Art 8 exhibition, to promote the philanthropy attempt in the field of nature conservation and art, and maximize the influence of art on the philanthropy industry. 


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