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Wang Zhenyao won "Responsibility Pioneer" of 2019 Annual Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in China


On the afternoon of July 26, the annual conference on corporate social responsibility in China, which was first held in Guangzhou, was successfully concluded. The annual conference on corporate social responsibility in China is an annual event sponsored by Southern Weekly. It has attracted the attention of the government, enterprises, the media and all sectors of the community, and has high credibility and influence. This annual meeting brought together responsible partners from all over the world, including government agencies, representatives of enterprises, philanthropy organizations and media personnel, who pay close attention to corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and social innovation. This annual meeting involved CSR knowledge, classic responsibility cases, and sharp round-table discussions. The two days of activities were both wonderful and professional.


▲ Speech by Xiang Xiangu on behalf of the Organizer

Wang Zhenyao, Zou Shiming and others were awarded the 2019 Responsible Pioneer.

Every year, based on the results of the social responsibility research and selection, the annual conference on corporate social responsibility in China selects the annual CSR pioneers, and commends those who "have their own ideas and perseverance in CSR and philanthropy, are willing to put them into practice and have made recognized achievements, and encourages them to guide and drive more people who are interested in this."

This year, the "2019 Responsible Pioneer" honors include: Wang Zhenyao, Dean of the China Global Philanthropy Institute and the China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, who awakens the public philanthropy forces and devotes himself to philanthropy undertakings; Xu Qinsong, Chairman of the Guangdong Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chairman of the Guangdong Xu Qinsong Art Foundation, who paints magnificent mountains and rivers and connects society with "art + philanthropy". Xu Yongguang, Chairman of the Narada Foundation and a Contract Research Fellow at the Counsellor's Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, has been deeply involved in philanthropy since the Hope Project. Zou Shiming, Olympic champion and world champion, hopes to devote the rest of his life to philanthropy and sports promotion.

▲ Wang Zhenyao awarded "2019 Responsible Pioneer"

In his acceptance speech, Dean Wang said, "we feel that we have a heavy responsibility". The biggest challenge facing China at this stage is how to combine philanthropy with corporate social responsibility more closely and exert a 10-fold or 100-fold influence. There is still a long way to go, and far from the requirements of the government and society. As a philanthropy institute, the philanthropy research institute should take up this responsibility, and promote a closer combination of public philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. As a researcher, practitioner and leader, Dean Wang also stressed the importance of the establishment of institutions and platforms. Not only large enterprises and rich people can do philanthropy, small and medium-sized enterprises and ordinary people should be able to participate in philanthropy and express themselves through philanthropy.


▲Zou Shiming awarded "2019 Responsible Pioneer"


▲ Xu Yongguang awarded "2019 Responsible Pioneer"

▲Xu Qinsong awarded "2019 Responsible Pioneer"

At the scene, Dean Wang Zhenyao delivered a keynote speech on "From Targeted Poverty Alleviation to Rural Revitalization". He put forward that China's Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization strategy stand at two historical intersection points, namely, China is facing the challenge of development and the transformation of wealth structure. In 2020, the state will complete the construction of system and mechanism for poverty eradication in an all-round way, and philanthropy needs to play an important supporting role. At present, the prominent contradiction is the lack of preparation for the social needs arising from the profound transformation of the economic structure, such as the particularity of the Economy of Goodness, that is, the social economy! Lack of professional experience in the organization of the leap from simple to complex societies, rural revitalization will contribute to the profound transformation of the mode of production and lifestyle, so there is still a huge room for improving our life.

Wang Zhenyao Delivers Excellent Speech

Dean Wang Zhenyao put forward his own thoughts on the exploration of philanthropy under the national strategy of "Rural Revitalization": the specialization, standardization and popularization of philanthropy and voluntary service are the problems that need to be solved urgently at present. Each philanthropy platform should work closely with the government, draw lessons from international experience, be better at paying attention to people's livelihood needs, advocating humanistic spirit, paying attention to detail management, and establishing diversified demonstration projects, so as to drive philanthropy play a more important role in the targeted poverty alleviation and the revitalization of rural areas. He also mentioned that early childhood education, elderly care services, toilet revolution garbage sorting and so on may belong to philanthropy undertakings.

Annual attention: From Targeted Poverty Alleviation to Rural Revitalization

In November 2013, the important thought of "Targeted Poverty Alleviation" was put forward for the first time. On January 2, 2018, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the Opinions on Implementing the Strategy of Rural Revitalization, opening a new chapter in the overall revitalization of rural areas in the new era. The strategies of Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization have the same basic value orientation and continuity in practice. As the next stage of targeted poverty alleviation, the strategy of rural revitalization puts more emphasis on sustainable development and cultivates the "endogenous power" of rural development, and enterprises will play a more important role.

Sun Xiaowen, Director of Southern Weekly's China Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, delivered a report at the conference entitled From Targeted Poverty Alleviation to Rural Revitalization: Witness the Strength of Enterprises, and put forward that" rural revitalization is also an important stage and practical way for the development and growth of enterprises". In the aspects of promoting the revitalization of agricultural industry, initiating the establishment of rural revitalization fund, cultivating rural revitalization talents, initiating rural revitalization professional institutions and so on, the strength of enterprises is huge.

At the annual round-table dialogue session, You Ruishan, secretary-general of the Rural Revitalization Committee of China Charity Alliance, introduced the current focus and future vision of the Rural Revitalization Committee jointly launched by the China Charity Alliance and Tsinghua University. Liu Weihua, full-time Vice President of the China Committee of Corporate Citizenship, introduced the good model and experience with "Chinese characteristics" that had emerged from the targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Yang Zhixin, Deputy Director of the Publicity and Culture Department of Guangdong Grid and Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Yu Feng, Director of Social Responsibility Department of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd., respectively introduced their respective work in helping the poor with electricity, and their practical experiences in building "Hope Town" by giving full play to the advantages of diverse industries. Meng Dengke, Deputy General Manager of Southern Weekly and Secretary General of Southern Weekly Research Institute, chaired the round-table dialogue and jointly discussed and summarized with the guests how to promote the effective connection between the targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. 


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