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Wuhan Center of China Global Philanthropy Institute Officially Opened


On June 11, the forum on “Cultural Wuchang and Good Life” jointly organized by the China Global Philanthropy Institute and Wuhan Wuchang Regional Innovation and Development Committee and the unveiling ceremony of the Wuhan Center of the China Global Philanthropy Institute were successfully held in Tanhualin Zhai Yage, Wuchang. The activity was presided over by Assistant Dean Fu Changbo. The Wuhan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Cultural and Tourism Bureau, the Wuchang District Committee, the District People's Congress, the District Government, the District People's Political Consultative Conference, and the heads of district departments and streets, as well as Zhang Jing, deputy director of the Wuhan Center of the China Global Philanthropy Institute and NGBP student of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, attended the activity.

Wang Zhenyao, President of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, and Liu Jie, Secretary of the Wuchang District Party Committee jointly unveiled the Wuhan Center of the China Global Philanthropy Institute.

At the forum, Wang Zhenyao, president of the International Public Welfare Institute, Hu Jing, president of Wuhan Branch of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Data Center (China Tourism Academy), and james jao, chairman of American Long 'an Group (formerly director of new york City Planning Bureau) delivered wonderful keynote speeches on the theme of “Cultural Wuchang and Good Life”. Based on the global perspective, they discussed the cultural resources endowment and inheritance innovation of Wuchang.

Wang Zhenyao, President of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, delivered the keynote speech.

Yan Jinyue, academician of the European Academy of Science and Art, Kang Dezhi, a representative of the National People's Congress and an expert of Wuhan Land and Urban Planning Center, Liu Daoming, chairman of Myhome Real Estate Development Group CO.,LTD., Dong Fangjun, chairman of Shenzhen Dongfang Huiquan Group Co., Ltd. and GPL student of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Hou Jin, chairman of Zhonghe Group and vice chairman of Hubei Center of Alxa SEE Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Foundation, and Shi Jiangnan, deputy chairman and secretary-general of Health Culture Committee of Chinese Health Association, held round-table discussions on the excavation of cultural resources and activation of cultural industry in Wuchang ancient city.

“Cultural Wuchang and Good Life ”Forum Round Table Dialogue

Wuhan Center of International Public Welfare Institute is the first concrete result of strategic cooperation between the Institute and Wuchang District. In the future, the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges. They will carry out strategic cooperation on promoting social value investment and the construction of a better life, assisting in the construction of a sustainable business incubator, building a modern charity highland and promoting grassroots social governance innovation. They will strive to build Tanhualin International Forum, develop cultural and creative industries in the ancient city of Wuchang, coordinate the introduction of the US Global Good science and technology innovation platform, promote influential investment and other charity frontier practices, build a Wuchang social innovation think tank, realize the protection, inheritance and development of Wuchang cultural classics, and further enhance Wuchang's international influence and cultural soft power.


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