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“International Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Research Center” Jointly Built by the Institute and GPL Alumni Organization Was Established.


On June 5, the Institute and Beijing Shiyi Cultural Media Group cooperated to build the opening ceremony of the “International Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Research Center” and the preparatory forum for the second China intangible cultural heritage development conference were successfully held in Beijing.

Wang Zhenyao, president of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, Fu Changbo, assistant president, Ma Wenhui, former director of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture, Luo Yang, president of the China Academy of Arts and Economics, Xi Mu, GPL student of the Institute, Zhipeng Xu, chairman of Beijing Shiyi Cultural Media Group, etc. jointly unveiled the “International Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Research Center”. Liu Min, GPL student of the Institute, Bao Xuri, deputy director of the Institute's cooperative development, Liu Feng, deputy director of the Charity Cooperation Department of the Charity Education Committee, Ge Junbo, director of the Philanthropy Research Center of China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, Li Jing, director of the Social Development Center, etc. took part in the activities.

In his speech, President Wang Zhenyao said, “It is especially great to be able to stand on one's own feet in the forest of nations and to pass on intangible cultural heritage from the heart. I thank Shiyi Group for bringing together celebrities from all walks of life to set up the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Research Center. This is the hope of inheriting the intangible cultural heritage in the future, and I wish the International Center for Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage can play an important role in the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. In the future, we should first improve the knowledge system of intangible cultural heritage inheritance research, sort out the existing list of intangible cultural heritage products, and establish an evaluation system of intangible cultural heritage inheritance, such as issuing relevant evaluation indicators. Secondly, we should do a good job in the docking mechanism, such as cooperating with Kew Garden of the Royal Botanical Garden in the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, we should call for the attention of the whole society, such as the development of traditional Chinese stories through animation. ”

Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute, delivered a speech

Luo yang, president of the China academy of arts industry, said, “Intangible cultural heritage is the root of Chinese culture and the root of folk culture. The wealth of a nation lies not only in material wealth, but also in cultural wealth. When people all over the world are consuming Chinese culture, it is the real rise of a nation. The greatest wealth of a nation is culture, and the most touching thing is culture. Intangible cultural heritage will shine at any time. The inheritor should not be a watcher, but a successor and a promoter. ”

Luo Yang, President of China Academy of Arts Industry, made a speech

Zhipeng Xu, a GPL student and chairman of Beijing Shiyi Culture Media Group, said, “In recent years, intangible cultural heritage has become a hot topic. This heat is not only reflected in the hot intangible cultural heritage products in the private market, but also in the government and even the national level. With the improvement of the world-wide awareness of heritage protection, intangible cultural heritage has become an important indicator of national and local “soft power”. In the next step, Shiyi Group will focus on setting up intangible cultural heritage broadcasting stations along the “the belt and road initiative” route, allowing Chinese intangible cultural heritage products to circulate in 500 Confucius Institutes, more than 1,000 Confucius classrooms and Chinese cultural centers in countries along the “The Belt and Road” route, forming a sustainable intangible cultural heritage economic form, and allowing intangible cultural heritage works that record history and heritage one by one to contribute Chinese wisdom to global governance. ”

Zhipeng Xu, GPL Student and President of Shiyi Group

In April 2019, Zhipeng Xu, Liu Min and 10 other students took part in the GPL program of the China Global Philanthropy Institute. They studied “Principles and Leadership” at Harvard University, visited Rockefeller Family Estate, talked with Chinese leaders such as Bei Jianzhong and learned “Charity Mission and Family Inheritance”. Details Review: Principles and Charity Leadership Course, Charity Mission and Family Inheritance Course.

Liu Min, GPL Trainee and Chairman of Global Chinese Benevolent Foundation

Professor Fu Changbo, Assistant Dean of the Institute, serves as the director of the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Research Center. Zhipeng Xu, GPL alumnus of the Institute and Chairman of Shiyi Group, and Liu Feng, Deputy Director of the Institute's Charity and Financial Cooperation Department, serve as the executive director. At the same time, the center invited Li Xiao, secretary of the party Committee and vice-president of the business school of China University of Political Science and Law, Liu Shuangzhou, professor of the central university of finance and economics, Shi Changen, vice-chairman and secretary-general of the central association of state organs artists, Shi Jiangnan, secretary-general of the national development and reform Commission's global natural resources research institute, and Xi Mu, president of the Chinese academy of arts and economics, to serve as members of the expert Committee. At the symposium, president Wang Zhenyao presented letters of appointment to the director, executive director and expert members of the center.

The “International Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Research Center” was set up by Beijing Shiyi Cultural Media Group with a donation of 10 million Yuan. The center will set up a platform for training, research and exchange in depth with the charitable cultures of the East and West, helping the development of China's intangible cultural heritage industry and promoting the integration of public welfare and commerce.

Beijing Shiyi Culture Media Group is a comprehensive service organization for the life of the whole people based on the development of culture, health, sports, entertainment, retail and other industries. The group takes the development of each branch industry as its entrance, greatly improving the efficiency and service of the supply side and reducing the marginal cost of goods. At the same time, guide the transformation of traditional consumption concept, make the majority of "consumers" into “consumers”, realize the maximization of scale benefit of cluster consumption;  Relying on the resource advantages of various industrial modules and the scientific and standardized ecological operation of the customer service system, it will lead a new round of consumption upgrading to meet people's yearning for a better life.


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