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Chongqing Research Base of China Global Philanthropy Institute Established to Help Social Innovation in Southwest Region


In order to better realize public welfare teaching, public welfare exchanges and lead social innovation in southwest China, under the promotion of EMP alumnus Liu Xin, the SEE Chongqing Project Center of Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology and the China Global Philanthropy Institute jointly established the Chongqing Research Base of the China Global Philanthropy Institute and jointly held the unveiling ceremony on May 23.

President Wang Zhenyao of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, current chairman of Alxa SEE, Ai luming, fifth chairman of Alxa SEE, Ren Zhiqiang, EMP alumni, director of Alxa SEE, chairman of Alxa SEE Chongqing Project Center, Liu Xin, vice chairman of Alxa SEE Chongqing Project Center, Guo Qinglong and nearly 100 Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology members and experts attended the event.

President Wang Zhenyao delivered a keynote speech on the theme of Good Economic and Social Information and Natural Capital Development at the inauguration ceremony, and said that Chongqing Research Base is committed to training entrepreneurs and social innovators engaged in public welfare charity in southwest China. Through public welfare teaching courses and public welfare exchange activities, it will help to carry out commercial good deeds and realize Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology's mission of “uniting entrepreneurship and keeping clean water and blue sky”.

Ai Luming, President of Alxa SEE, said that all parts of the country are relying on the local natural environment to carry out environmental protection projects. For example, Guangxi Project Center is dedicated to the protection of white-headed langur and mangrove coastal wetland. The Hubei Project Center aims to promote the protection of the Yangtze River ecosystem through a series of natural education, finless porpoise protection, etc... The ecological protection of the Yangtze River basin has always been paid attention by Alxa SEE. Chongqing Project Center is the 18th environmental protection project center established by Alxa SEE. It is hoped that the project will be based in Chongqing, focus on the protection of the Yangtze River, and help the gradual restoration of the freshwater ecosystem of the Yangtze River.


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