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Chairman Ma Weihua was invited to serve as honorary chairman of Mangrove Conservation Foundation (MCF)


On the evening of May 23, 2019, the “Mangrove Night” charity dinner sponsored by Mangrove Conservation Foundation (hereinafter referred to as MCF) will end perfectly in Shenwan, Shenzhen Bay 1. Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, gathered with more than 100 entrepreneurs, artists and other people from all walks of life to call for the protection of mangrove coastal wetlands.

Ma Weihua, chairman of the board of directors of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, Wang Shi, founder of Vanke Group, and Ai Luming, chairman of Wuhan Dangdai Science and Technology Industries (Group) Company Limited were invited to serve as MCF honorary chairman and receive awards at the party site.

The “Mangrove Night” charity dinner aims at raising funds and gathering concern for China's coastal wetland conservation and public environmental education. According to statistics, the auction of works of art and public goods finally raised 7.5 million Yuan, which will be used for MCF to carry out the protection of coastal wetlands represented by mangroves and public environmental education.



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