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Adhere to Action and Solve Social Issues Innovatively - CGPI EMP 2019 Spring Cohort Opening Ceremony Held in Shenzhen


On May 24, CGPI EMP 2019 (11th) Spring Cohort Opening Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. 64 new students from 24 cities in 19 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions attended this opening ceremony. People witnessing in this opening ceremony included Professor Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Board of CGPI, Professor Wang Zhenyao, CGPI President, Mr. Huang Shih Tsai, Chairman of the Board of  Great China International Investment Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Lu Dezhi, Chairman of Huamin Charity Foundation and Vice President of China Charity Alliance, and Professor Michael Norton, CGPI professor and “Father of British Social Innovation” as well as alumni representatives like Liu Wenjie, Vice President of CGPI Alumni Association and Vice Chairman and Secretary General of SEE Conservation Shenzhen-Hong Kong Center, Niu Ben, Chairman of Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation, and Li Wen, Chairman of IRead Foundation, etc. Participants also included Professor Fu Changbo, Assistant President of CGPI, Ms. Liu Binghua, Assistant President of CGPI, and Professor You Hong, CGPI professor and Executive Director of Teaching Committee. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Huang Haoming, Vice President and Dean of CGPI.

EMP 2019 Spring Cohort has 64 new students from 24 cities in 19 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Among them, 92% come from decision-making and management group, 49% have master’s degree or above, 23% have overseas experience in study or work, and 24% have MBA/EMBA degrees. Students this year are more diversified with 44% coming from enterprises. Among the philanthropic focus of their organizations, children, education, health, poverty alleviation, and helping the disabled rank top five. They will start their two-year study on philanthropy in CGPI.


Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Board of CGPI, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the news students of EMP 2019 Spring Cohort. According to Ma Weihua, the initial intention and mission of the five CGPI founders, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonyu, and Ye Qingjun was to train outstanding talents for the transformation and innovation of philanthropic undertakings and help philanthropy in China improve to a new level. Therefore, the uniqueness of the institute lies in innovation and internationalization, research on the demands of social philanthropic undertakings, and forward-looking training; it partners with the world’s most influential philanthropists, world-class universities and philanthropic organizations to train mission-oriented philanthropists and philanthropy management professionals.


CGPI President Wang Zhenyao sent words to these new students: “this is an important moment in EMP development. Your participation helps EMP with bigger and more positive influence in philanthropy in China and the world. The basic values of civilization like supreme philanthropy, virtue, sense, all-embracing love, kindheartedness, sharing, and harmony must continue to flourish in the new era. Through in-depth development of study and practice, I hope you will truly use the spirit of philanthropy and love to lead the convergence of civilizations, thus achieving civilization promotion and innovation. A thousand miles begins with the first step. Now it is time to show our ability to learn philanthropic knowledge, and let us keep working on long-term philanthropy together! ”

Huang Shih Tsai, Chairman of the Board of Great China International Investment Group Co., Ltd., shared his philanthropic experience as a donor at the opening ceremony. He said that entrepreneurs make philanthropic service to serve the people, and CGPI brings resources together so that students can learn under the guidance of the world’s top philanthropists, become more professional in philanthropy, and serve the people better. I am very happy to support CGPI, and love is borderless.

Since establishment more than three years ago, CGPI has been committed to developing a better philanthropic ecosystem and providing practitioners with a systematic and sustainable capability improvement and practical support network with building a modern philanthropic knowledge system, cultivating mission-oriented philanthropic leaders, concentrating action-oriented philanthropic forces, and promoting shared development in philanthropic era as missions. There have been 525 EMP alumni by May 2019, and they join hands to practice philanthropic dream from CGPI.

Based on the six major modules including philanthropic humanity, philanthropic theory, philanthropic management, social services, social innovation, and action plan, EMP course builds a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum system, highlighting teaching characteristics including problem-orientation, innovative thinking, dual-teaching, case study, global resources, and action learning.

Vice President Huang Haoming said that the institute advocates various plans based on mission, ideas of equality, diverse actions and inclusive social systems to change the world with action.

Mr. Lu Dezhi, Chairman of Huamin Charity Foundation and Vice President of China Charity Alliance, known as the thought leader and advocate of Chinese philanthropic industry, said that everyone can be and should be philanthropic. In future, Chinese and the world’s philanthropy will rely on you, and there will surely be world-class philanthropists making great contributions to China’s development and shared civilization of human beings. We should establish an inheriting-oriented, open, and learning-oriented modern system that combines the rule of law and virtue to make contributions to Chinese philanthropy, world philanthropy, and shared civilization of human beings.

Professor Michael Norton, CGPI professor and father of British social innovation, delivered a speech as the representative of CGPI professors. “In the past few years, I have been with CGPI as a professor, spreading the concepts of philanthropy, social enterprise, social investment and philanthropic cause. Today, you gather here with intelligent brain, wise ideas, resources, money, time, and energy. You can work together to solve all the problems in today’s society to make China and the world better.”

Chen Ligang, EMP 2019 Spring Cohort student and Chairman of Qingdao Charity Federation IFoundation, said as the freshmen representative that students can learn from and communicate with the world’s successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists, consult with wise teachers in Chinese philanthropic community, grow with loving classmates and alumni, and contribute to the advancement of philanthropy in China.

CGPI Alumni Association, established in October 2016, has assembled EMP, GPL, ELP alumni and students; in the future, it will also bring together more industry elites and partners to become a leading philanthropic group, practice CGPI’s mission of “philanthropy leading social civilization”, actively promote infrastructure, deepen services, and strengthen connection.

Liu Wenjie, Vice President of CGPI Alumni Association and Vice Chairman and Secretary General of SEE Conservation Shenzhen-Hong Kong Center, said on behalf of Alumni Association that students think CGPI as the Huangpu Military Academy in philanthropy sector. Perhaps new students take today as the start of learning, but in fact, the real start is after graduation because of the platform and alumni resources of the institute. The concept of Alumni Association is to build, share, and live together. I hope that all alumni can be together to build a philanthropic environment, share resources, and learn and grow together in philanthropy.

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Niu Ben, GPL alumnus and Chairman of Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation, released the research reportRetreat to Progress - Exploration and Practice of Chinese Foundations in the Field of Children’s Educationat the opening ceremony. This is the first project that Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation cooperates with CGPI, and the first research project funded by that foundation. It focuses on children’s education and selects 12 innovative cases to share practical experience in children’s education, analyze the overall situation of philanthropic projects implemented and funded by Chinese foundations and the impact on the development of children’s education.

Having analyzed a sample survey of 344 projects, we found that nearly 60% of philanthropic projects on children’s education provide direct funding to beneficiaries such as donating funds and materials, that is, to give with “fish”; however, there are few projects that implement by R&D of courses and education products, recruitment of volunteers to provide services, communication and advocacy while it is such projects that often have longer-term impact but difficulty in execution. It is worth noting that among these sampled projects, only 3.5% are funded for third-party philanthropic organizations and most of the rest are carried out by the foundations themselves. It can be seen that we still have a long way to go if advocating foundations to transform from “direct service” to “effective funding”.

In the report, CGPI research team also proposed the education funding focus for foundations, including: early development and preschool education, family education, holistic education, “Internet+ education” projects and products, and support for capability improvement of philanthropic organizations of children’s education.

Niu Ben said that philanthropy needs people to do it together rather than working solo. Through support of this project, Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation hopes to facilitate a philanthropic funding method for education with further-reaching plan, promote sharing and learning of practical experience in children’s education at home and abroad, and lead healthy development of education philanthropy.

Ms. Li Wen, alumna of EMP 2016 Autumn Cohort and Chairperson of IRead Foundation, shared her learning experience as a representative of outstanding alumni: “in the second half of my life, also the second starting point, I made two most valuable choices for myself. One is philanthropy as my goal, and the other is CGPI for two-year systematic study. Through study, I broadened my horizon, and met excellent teachers and loving classmates, all of which made me more confident and calm on philanthropic endeavor. The institute is my forever gas station, and I am deeply grateful to it. Wish our institute a fruitful future.”

The opening ceremony came to the climax part that Hui Ruoqi, EMP 2019 Spring Cohort student, former captain of national women’s volleyball team, and initiator of Hui Fund Project of China Social Welfare Foundation, took over the institute flag from Jiang Lintong, student representative of EMP 2018 Autumn Cohort. This is also inheritance of CGPI spirit, culture and values, hoping that students will live in harmony with people, society and nature. For the efforts in philanthropy, we will keep going.

At the opening ceremony, CGPI also expressed appreciation and respect to the alumni, donors, and supporters for their long-term support in the construction and development of the institute - Yi Bing, GPL 2017 student, EMP 2018 Spring Cohort student, and initiator of Tianshui Wenya Love Foundation[C1] ; Niu Ben, GPL 2015 alumnus and Chairman of Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation; Li Wen, EMP 2016 Autumn Cohort alumna and Chairperson of IRead Foundation; and Huang Shih Tsai, Chairman of the Board of Great China International Investment Group Co., Ltd., etc. 


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