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National Day for Helping the Disabled: Dialogue between Philanthropy and Sci-Fi - Beijing Tour of Extrasensory Film Spirit Traveler


On the occasion of the National Day for Helping the Disabled, Spirit Traveler, the first extrasensory film in China, held its tour CGPI in Beijing on May 16.

As a gift from Lenghu, Mangya, this tour is jointly brought by CGPI, China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) of Beijing Normal University, Mangya Disabled Persons Federation, and Lenghu Mars Town Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Spirit Traveler is a film for the disabled. During the tour, CGPI held the 13th Philosophy of Philanthropy Salon on how to improve social services for the visually impaired group, calling for more people to care and help the disabled.

According to the survey, the total number of disabled people in China reached 85.02 million, including 12.63 million blind people. Disabled people are members of the social family and deserve respect and recognition from society. This tour in CGPI hopes that more philanthropic practitioners will appeal to public attention to the cultural needs of the disabled. As a start, Spirit Traveler can bring more fun and wonderful imagination of future life to the people with disabilities.

Imagine if you love sci-fi but you were deprived of vision, even for one day only, how would you experience a sci-fi film? What are the inspirations and impetus of the small step of Spirit Traveler for the protection of disabled people in China and the social environment for their life? Guests discussed these issues in Philosophy of Philanthropy Salon.

This salon was hosted by Professor You Hong from CGPI, and guests included Ding Ruijie, Secretary General of Beijing Geyou Community Aid Foundation and a student from EMP Class 4, Wurina, Director of Audio Description Project Department of China Culture & Information Service Center for the Visually Impaired, and Yu Kun, incidental music and theme song singer of Spirit Traveler.

Professor You Hong took responsibility for the rehabilitation work of national disabled people; led the formulation and implementation of rehabilitation regulations, policies and plans for disabled people in China; and presided over the construction of rehabilitation institutions for the disabled, training of rehabilitation personnel, and the design, implementation and evaluation of several rehabilitation projects for disabled people from 2007 to 2015. She believes that barrier-free life for the disabled is multifaceted and film is only one aspect. For example, if a blind person goes to the cinema, he has to consider obstacles as long as he goes out. “The construction of a barrier-free life for disabled people requires promotion of many policies and needs attention of the society for change. For example, the creation of the extrasensory film Spirit Traveler takes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. ”

Ding Ruijie, EMP alumna and Secretary General of Beijing Geyou Community Aid Foundation, shared the philanthropic efforts of Geyou Foundation for the disabled: “our foundation also has some projects to promote philanthropic cause for the disabled. This year, 12 visually impaired friends joined us in the competition in gobi, and we are more concerned about their demands for equality. During the event, we asked our blind friends as supporters and volunteers so that everyone could make their own contribution.” 

What is the current status of films for blind people in China? Wurina, Director of Audio Description Project Department of China Braille Library and China Culture & Information Service Center for the Visually Impaired, said: “extrasensory film is a new attempt. Blind people do not have access to images and need to feel images by audio description. Spirit Traveler uses a new way to give them a film suitable for ‘appreciation’. We have also been providing such services to them, and this is an important part of cultural services for them. ”

Yu Kun, singer of Spirit Traveler theme song and independent composer, said: “This is the first time that I try to compose for an extrasensory film. When composing, I would imagine that I was a spirit traveler, a blind person and a character in the film. Sometimes I would walk with my eyes closed and imagine how they live. I really admire their ability and spirit to live independently in darkness.”

When talking about the original intention of the film, Zheng Yingying, New Media Director of Lenghu Mars Town Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said: “Spirit Traveler is an award-winning work of the 1st Lenghu Award, and the adapted extrasensory film with the same title is initiated in China. It helps the blind people to learn more about sci-fi literature as well as Mars and even more far-reaching outer space in the form of philanthropy.” The story of Spirit Traveler happened in Lenghu located in Mangya, Haixi, Qinghai Province. This place is called “the most Mars-like place on the earth” and has attracted famous sci-fi writers like Wang Jinkang, Liu Cixin, He Xi, and Hao Jingfang, etc.

Spirit Traveler is a film made by a non-blind group for blind people. It maximizes lines, sound effects, and music to create an immersive atmosphere that maximizes blind people’s imagination and sensibility. having stood from the perspective of serving the blind during creation, it is a concern from the outside and a very big social change, indicating that not only people who serve disabled people are doing such things, but the public is paying more attention to them as well.

Only love can surpass the speed of light, and only love can overcome obstacles.


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