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Voice | Tech for Social Good X Capital for Social Good = Innovative Means to Solve Social Problems?


The camels lined up in the desert. Arktek sitting on the humps looms over the sand dunes. Known as the "bucket of life", Arktek is an unplugged vaccine storage tank that can be stably stored for more than a month in an environment of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius with one ice rack, making it ideal for any environment with unstable electricity supply and extremely inconvenient transportation.

Arktek is a product of the Global Good founded by Bill Gates. For Aucma Group, a Chinese company, taking the production orders for Arktek could turn its superb refrigeration technology into products that could be used in the world's most needed areas to benefit humanity. For Global Good which issued the invitation, it invested in technology that could solve social problems.

Impact investing, which is becoming more and more popular in the world in recent years, also has a great development momentum in China. More and more institutions take social influence as an important consideration when they invest.

May 5, Pony Ma announced in his Moments: new vision and mission of Tencent -- Tech for Social Good.

Using science and technology to solve the most urgent social problems and help the needy has undoubtedly become a major proposition of commercial enterprises.

Could capital give support to technology while solving social problems at the same time? Could investment in science and technology benefit while solving social problems? Can the integration of Tech and Capital for Social Good create more powerful solutions to social problems?

The 12th Philanthropy-based Salon

Time: 14:00-16:00 on May 8

Location: Jianai Hall, China Global Philanthropy Institute

(8/F, Hesheng Fortune Square, No.13 Dewai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing)

Hosted by: Zhang Mingmin, China Philanthropy Times

On-site: IFENG Live

Website: https://zhibo.ifeng.com/video.html?liveid=126719

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13:30-14:00 Sign-in

14:00-14:10 Host opening + case video

14:10-14:30 Guest introduction + topic presentations

14:30-16:00 Interactive dialogue + questions and answers

Guests Introduction

Fu Changbo, assistant dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute

Professor, Ph. D. supervisor of School of Sociology, Beijing Normal University Professor Fu Changbo has worked in the news media, local governments and central authorities for many years. In recent years, he has committed to apply the Internet and AI to promoting philanthropy, boosting social innovation, and setting up a new landscape of social governance characterized by multiple engagement, joint construction, and mutual benefits. Courses such as "Family Inheritance and Strategic Philanthropy", "Family Inheritance and Social Innovation", "Rockefeller Family Inheritance and Technique" and "Communication of Philanthropy Organizations in the New Internet Age" are offered by him at the China Global Philanthropy Institute. He has been in charge of the research and development of 2018 Top Donors in China, China Family Philanthropy Foundation Development Report (2018), Global Philanthropy Industry Sustainable Development Action Report, Donor Advised Funds (DAF) Model Comparative Study and so on.

He founded Shenzhou Xinqiao Technology Co., Ltd., and sold it to DHC after 18 years of operation. He is also an angel investor in CIPRUN Group, INCOM, Juchi Yiliao and other companies. His investment cases include equity participation in more than 20 companies, such as Vcyber.com and Makepolo.com. He has also participated in a number of venture capital funds as a limited partner. In addition, he initiated the establishment of Jiankun Charitable Foundation, dedicated to the Chinese traditional filial piety and its culture philanthropy communication.

Be in charge of Microsoft Accelerator (Beijing)'s technological innovation, corporate recruitment, entrepreneurial services, resource integration, and strategic cooperation in China. He is good at combining industrial applications with technology innovation to formulate innovative technology development strategy for Microsoft Accelerator, and take the lead in proposing and popularizing the brand upgrade concept of the new generation of "Resource Aggregation, Ecological Sharing" accelerator in China. As the pioneer of Microsoft cloud technology and customers in China, he successfully applied Microsoft cloud to large enterprise benchmarking customers and partners, and successfully completed the launch of the first batch of Microsoft Azure cloud customers.

Lu Qi, partner of Tsing Capital

She keeps long-term concerns to policies, technologies, business trends of environmental protection, new energy vehicles, green technology and other areas. Now she currently serves as a director for a number of innovative enterprises in environmental protection, new energy vehicles, AI and other areas. She leads the strategic research and post-investment management of Tsing Capital, and continuously promotes the impact investing concept of "Profits Coming from Philanthropy" in all aspects of fund operation. She is an active advocate of "Impact Investing" in China and currently serves as a director and chief investment officer of the China Alliance of Social Investment.

Zhang Xiaoran, project leader of Kuaishou Corporate Social Responsibility Department and executive director of Kuaishou Social Value Research Center.

Promoting Kuaishou, by virtue of its technology advantages, to participate in rural revitalization, targeted poverty alleviation and juvenile protection & education. Since taking work, she has promoted the establishment of Kuaishou's two non-profit foundations, that is, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation - Kuaishou Philanthropy Foundation, and China Youth Development Foundation - Kuaishou Philanthropy Foundation for the Happiness and Growth of Youth, as well as many philanthropy empowerment programs, including "Kuaishou Safety System" and "Kuaishou Hometown Goods". Recently, she promoted the establishment of Kuaishou Social Value Research Center, which is the first of its kind in the industry and released the first Social Values Report. She has worked in the Asia Society for Sino-American communications. Zhang was selected 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 China List.


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