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GPL | Understand the Principles of Philanthropy -- GPL Philanthropy Leadership Course Closure


The first module of the spring class of 2019 Global Philanthropy Leaders Program -"Principles and Philanthropy Leadership"-was launched at Harvard University in the United States.

In cooperation with Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, this course is given from four aspects: economic and social development, philanthropy comparison between China and the United States, leadership theory and practice, philanthropy development trends, to provide effective leadership concepts and tools to enhance leadership capacity.

Wang Zhenyao, Dean of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, is the course's instructor, and Assistant Dean Fu Changbo presides over the course.

"The supporting system of China's philanthropy has been established. The publication of Principles in China will have an important impact on China's commercial civilization. Mr. Ray Dalio tells us about the principles of business, namely business ethics, which, from a public good perspective, can also be translated into the principles of philanthropy. "

--Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute

From left, Wang Zhenyao, Dean of the China Global Philanthropy Institute; Gretchen Wagner, COO of Dalio Foundation; and Fu Changbo, Assistant Dean of the Institute of International Public Welfare

Ray Dalio, co-founder of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, Chairman of the Board of the Bridgewater Associates and founder of Dalio Foundation, has written a book entitled Principles, which systematically summarizes the principles he has developed in his work and life. He believes that these principles are not only the key to the success of Bridgewater Associates, but also the most important thing he learned in his life. The first lesson of GPL is called "Principles and Philanthropy Leadership". It is expected that after a few days of learning, we can truly understand the philanthropy from the principles, to enhance philanthropy leadership.

On the afternoon of April 18, a heavyweight mentor was introduced to the GPL course. Ms. Gretchen Wagner, COO of Dalio Foundation of the United States, came to Harvard to share the philanthropy leadership of Dalio Foundation with GPL trainees. Ms. Gretchen said, Mr. Dario believes he is successful not because of his personal qualities, but because he learns from his failures the principles of life and work that most people and companies can apply to better achieve their goals. Dalio Foundation is also making full use of the principles and tools in Principles to continuously improve its work and pursue "creative preference" in specific projects. Gretchen also shared with the GPL how the Principles can be applied to philanthropy area and gave details of Dalio Foundation's current marine conservation program.

On the same day, the strategic partner of the Institute -- Wisla Heneghan, COO and general counsel for The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and Jack Hurd, the managing director for Asia and the Pacific region of the Nature Conservancy, lecture on "Leadership and Influence in Nature Conservation" for GPL trainees to fully understand the mission and role of conservationists in social progress and human development, as well as TNC cases in Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, Africa, the Pacific Ocean and other places to promote the common prosperity of man and nature. After the lecture, five donors from New England who donated million dollars to TNC invited GPL trainees to a luncheon at Boston's century-old Back Bay Club to share with them the significance and specific ways to invest in nature.

On April 19, GPL trainees visited the Boston Foundation. Paul Grogan, chairman of the Foundation, briefed the trainees on the Foundation's role in the development of the Boston region and the management practices of the Foundation's Donor Advised Funds(DAF); Maggi Alexander, director of the Center for Global Philanthropy at The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), introduced TPI's philanthropic advisory work for donors and project cases in China. The trainees also visited BrainCo, a company founded by Harvard Chinese graduate BiCheng Han and focused on the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), to learn about the outstanding performance of BCIs in integrating social and business values and to gain new insights into the use of technology and business to create new social values. In addition, Professor Edward Cunningham of Kennedy School Ash Center taught the students a course of "Comparison of Chinese and American Philanthropies", which inspired the students to pay attention to the social problems and cultural similarities and differences behind the philanthropy appearance.

On April 20, the "Principles and Philanthropy Leadership" course came to an end. Professor Anthony Saich, director of Kennedy School Ash Center, gave a lecture on "Sino-US Relations", comparing the dynamic changes of Sino-US relations in a global perspective from different perspectives. After class, Kennedy School held a graduation ceremony for the GPL. Mr. Ray Dalio, founder of the School, sent a video message congratulating you on your successful completion of your studies at Harvard University. Dean Wang Zhenyao and Director Anthony Saich presented certificates of completion to the trainees.


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