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Workshop | Dialogue between Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and Next-Gen Leaders


On Mar. 27, "Family Legacy and Innovation of Next-Gen Workshop" of China Global Philanthropy Institute was held at Beijing campus. Senior Vice President Walter Sweet and Vice President Heather Grady of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) exchanged their views with nearly 20 Next-Gen partners from GPL, NGBP, EMP, etc. on family inheritance, innovation and philanthropy.

Wang Zhenyao, Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University said in his speech that the mankind was faced with the overall improvement of education, medical care and other issues, and exploration of innovation by governments, business and philanthropy in the era of "Philanthropy Economy" A large of wealthy people has emerged in China and the rest of the world. The design of Fudao and Shandao faces a situation similar to Emperor Yu taming the flood. It's hoped that more Next-Gen Leaders will be aware of the leading role of philanthropy in the development of social civilization and family inheritance, and take part in the impact investing cause and revitalize philanthropy. 

Fu Changbo, Assistant Dean of China Global Philanthropy Institute and Professor of Beijing Normal University, introduced that the Rockefeller family made huge contributions to the world, and set up or funded more than 100 foundations and non-profit organizations, including Headquarters of the United Nations and Peking union Medical College. China Global Philanthropy Institute has been in contact with Rockefeller family members and institutions. Four philanthropy families in China visited the Rockefeller Estate in 2011, the Global Philanthropy Leaders (GPL) Program carried out courses in the Rockefeller Estate, and The Rockefeller Archive Center gave lessons in Beijing and Shenzhen. In addition, Assistant Dean Fu Changbo also introduced Next-Gen Leaders Education, Family Philanthropy Legacy Center and Social Finance and Innovation Center of the Philanthropy Institute. 

Mr. Sweet briefly introduced the Rockefeller family philanthropy traditions and the opening of modern philanthropy as well as foundations and philanthropy institutions funded by the Rockefeller family. He also introduced the four core principles and philanthropy path of family philanthropy legacy. 

Ms. Grady mainly introduced the features of youth philanthropy, philanthropy concept of the previous generation and how to resolve intergenerational conflicts in terms of the Next-Gen features. She listed several American family foundations and explained that family foundations could have multiple governance structures. 

After that, Mr. Sweet focused on impact investing, including the status, advantages and strategies of impact investing, the Omidyar Network case and resource network for learning and reference. 

Guests took an active part in dialogue and interaction, introduced their impact investing attempts, and raised questions about government-guided funds, impact investing standards, proportion of professionals in philanthropy counseling, etc. (Complete Q&A will be released recently. Coming soon.) 

Looking back on the Workshop for the "Rise of New Philanthropy Force" held by Heather Grady in 2017, Next-Gen Leaders have broken through the intergenerational communication bottleneck, and started to explore the integration of business and philanthropy. In the future, China Global Philanthropy Institute will continue to work with domestic and foreign institutions to learn advanced experience and enable Next-Gen partners. 


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