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East-West Philanthropy Communication at the Highest Level Between China and Italy


On March 23, 2019 (Beijing time), under the witness of President Xi Jinping and Italian Prime Minister Conte, Mr. Wang Zhenyao, CGPI President, Fang Jin, Deputy Secretary General of China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), and Giovanni B. Andornino, Director of TOChina Hub, University of Turin, officially signed the "Memorandum of Understanding between TOChina Hub China Global Philanthropy Institute and China Development Research Foundation" on the long-term cooperation mechanism of China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, reaching a consensus on jointly promotion of future cooperation in China-Italy philanthropy. This memorandum is the only philanthropic cooperation of the 19 cooperative contracting projects witnessed by the leadership of two countries, also the philanthropy communication at the highest level between the two countries so far.


China and Italy are outstanding representatives of Eastern and Western civilizations, having left remarkable record in history of human civilization and made stunning contribution to the world. The friendly exchanges between these two great civilizations have been existing for a long time. The establishment of China-Italy Philanthropy Forum marked an epoch-making historical stage of east-west philanthropic exchanges, having attracted great attention of the two heads of states. On the evening of March 22, Mr. Romano Prodi, Italian Honorary Chairman of China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, and Mr. Ma Weihua, Chinese Honorary Chairman of China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, were invited to attend the state banquet hosted by President Matarella. President Matarella particularly mentioned at the state banquet: "the China-Italy cultural cooperation mechanism jointly established by the two sides, China-Italy Entrepreneurs Committee, China-Italy Third-Party Market Cooperation Forum, lately established China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, and a series of governmental and trade agreements to be signed tomorrow have all fully demonstrate the two countries’ strong interest in developing cooperative relations.”

Mr. Ma Weihua, Honorary Chairman of China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, attended the state banquet


China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, founded as continuation and development of East-West Philanthropy Forum, has truly promoted Chinese and Italian philanthropists’ highest dialogue in the field of philanthropy and humanities as well as the development of exchange platform. The East-West Philanthropists Summit China-Italy Philanthropy Forum held in National Academy of Sciences of Italy on March 22 actively responded to the Belt and Road Initiative and celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy with joint philanthropic actions.


Participants upon invitation included over 30 Chinese and Italian authoritative representatives from political, charitable, business, artistic and academic circles including Niu Gensheng (Founder of Lao Niu Foundation and Co-chairman of East-West Philanthropy Forum), Lei Yongsheng (Chairman of Lao Niu Foundation and board member of CGPI), Niu Ben (Chairman of Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation and Co-chair of International Philanthropic Innovation Circle), Chen Xiaopeng (Secretary General of Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation), Wang Xiaoqin (Director of China Water Affairs Group Limited), Hong Hangqing (President and CEO of AP Photonics Limited), Zhang Chengcheng (Chairman of ROFFAR · Charitable Foundation), Zhang Junting (Chairman of Tianjin Rockcheck Puji Foundation), Liu Xin (Executive Director of Faith Group), Francesco Profumo (Chair of Compagnia di Sanpaolo and former Minister of Education, University and Research), Brunello Cucinelli (President and CEO of Brunello Cucinelli), Emanuele Grimaldi (President of Grimaldi Lines), Giuseppe Lavazza (Vice Chair of Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.), Anna Zegna (President of Fondazione Zegna), and Andrea Gavosto (Director of Fondazione Agnelli). They explored the innovations and challenged of philanthropic cooperation between two countries in philanthropic innovation (talent training, technological innovation, climate change), human well-being (child education, poverty alleviation, health care), and culture and art (culture, sports, art), etc. under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative in the new era.


This East-West Philanthropists Summit China-Italy Philanthropy Forum was a great success; East-West Philanthropy Circle was formally launched, focusing on the joint action of philanthropic families; and East-West Philanthropy Forum - International Philanthropic Innovation Circle was formally established, focusing on “gathering the world's young philanthropists to innovate for philanthropy”. Representatives of Chinese and Italian philanthropists will practice specifically in talent cultivation, environmental protection, intangible cultural heritage protection, and family philanthropy inheritance.


2020 is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy, and President Xi Jinping's visit has pointed a new direction and proposed a new vision for the future development of bilateral relations. Standing on the new historical point of China-Italy relations development, China-Italy Philanthropy Forum will become an important force for implementing the important consensus of leadership of the two countries and jointly promoting China-Italy relations in the new era. East-West philanthropy communication will surely open a new chapter of China-Italy cultural friendship, and China-Italy Philanthropy Forum will promote East-West philanthropists to work together for a better future of China-Italy relationship.


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