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CGPI Won Awards of the Shenzhen Social Organization list


On the evening of January 8, the Third Shenzhen Social Organization Annual Festival was held in Shenzhen based on its theme of "Let hearts together, take on a promise". The leaders of Shenzhen city and more than 1,200 principal heads of kinds of social organizations, entrepreneurs and representatives from various circles have all attended the festival which Chairman of China Global Philanthropy Institute Ma Weihua addressed. The Dean Wang Zhenyao has won "Shenzhen Social Organization List Advanced Models" and the "Cedar Plan - Community Foundation High-Class Seminar Project" has won the Third Shenzhen Social Organization List "2018 Annual Innovation Cases Award for Social Organization".

Ma Weihua, Chairman of China Global Philanthropy Institute, said that social organizations were the necessary part of the social structure, an important force for promoting social management and national governance and the major drive force to improve the positivity and enthusiasm of social members as well as leading a good society. We are entering a great new era, in which people, business and society for doing good is becoming a trend. During the development of philanthropy, we should not only have a role in the style and function of the traditional philanthropy, but also vigorously promote the impact investing, so that more and more investment behaviors and economic behaviors achieved both interests and righteousness. Only in this way could economy and philanthropy keep sustainable.

Co-funded by both Wuying Shicai Foundation of Shenzhen and Highsun Foundation, the "Cedar Plan" was the first course for fostering senior professional management personnel in the community foundation with a fulcrum of fostering professionals of the community foundation in order to build the national network of community foundation to make a common breakthrough in its development bottleneck. The course focused on its external development environment, the knowledge of operation and management of the community foundation and tool development courses. 30 trainees of the first period are leaders of community philanthropy who came from 18 provinces and cities in China.


The "Cedar Plan - Community Foundation High-Class Seminar Project" has won the "2018 Annual Innovation Cases Award for Social Organization" of the Third Shenzhen Social Organization List

With the comprehensive scores of 4.56/5 in the "Cedar Plan" for 2018, its practical link of planning has promoted the community governance project designed by trainees through cooperation and has been launched. The practical plan "Talent Training Program of Community Funds (Foundations) in Kuancheng District of Changchun City" was funded by the local government with its aim to set up training classes for community cadres to popularize knowledge of community funds (foundations); "Shenzhen Micro Funds in Baden Community Program" was started after the courses for launching "Micro Funds of Baden Community". Through two compulsory courses and practical plans, trainees have applied the courses to practice and formed a cooperation network in learning and practice.

The report delivered on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed "to build a pattern of social governance that is jointly built, co-governed and shared" with human as its core, urban and rural communities as its emphasis and innovation of the system and mechanism as its key role. We should give full play to professional social organizations and urban and rural organizations at the community level, and make various kinds of social subjects widely be involved in the social governance at the grassroots level. having gone through a decade, Chinese community foundations have funded various charitable organizations and community organizations to respond to the community needs and provide opportunities for community residents and enterprises to participate in the community philanthropy so as to realize the participation of community governance subjects in the community governance and community foundations were regarded as the innovative mechanism to activate grassroots governance. 160 community foundations have been established in China which has become the fastest growth country of community foundations in the word. However, China's community foundations have been still in the initial stage of development generally facing resource dependence and capacity building problems. Talent training has become the key factor to restrict the development of China's community. The China Global Philanthropy Institute in Shenzhen would continue to open the "Cedar Plan - Community Foundation High-Class Seminar Project" for 2019 in accordance with the capacity building requirements of community governance talents. 


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