Mercator China-European Philanthropy Leadership Partners Project

Time: September 4-14, 2016

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Project Introduction:

The global philanthropic organizations are seeking several basic questions: how to improve the influence of the philanthropic organizations, how to bring effective change for philanthropic organizations, and how to comprehend the effect of philanthropic organizations in confronting the social challenges. For believing mutual learning is the key to solve these problems, a ten-day leadership development project gathered 20 middle and senior philanthropy practitioners from China and Europe, which is aimed to help them improve their leadership and encourage them to share knowledge, experience, creativity and interests. The project is sponsored by Mercator Foundation and co-held by European Foundation Center (EFC) and China Global Philanthropy Institute.

The project encourages the participants to deeply think about the following questions:

Have you ever think about how to become a leader that creates revolution, rather than a manager that brings some changes?

Do you know how to solve a certain problem through changing method?

Have you ever rethought how to think outside the box so as to create new types of business mode?

The project theme will be centered on social innovation and combine the interests and specialties of the participants themselves at the same time. The purpose is that the participants can better lead the organization with brand new view, method and recognition so as to improve the organization influence.

To promote experience sharing, the participants from different continents in the project will make team to carry out activities.

The project will be directed by the participants, raise questions and carry out debate through teaming, interaction and communication with senior specialists and leaders of public and private sectors and volunteering sectors. The project theme will be centered on social innovation and combine the interests and specialties of the participants themselves at the same time.

The themes of the agenda include:

Leadership — definition, necessary conditions, leading style

Methods for leaders to intervene and make transformation

Social innovation in policy and practice

How to evaluate influence

How to develop social innovation capability with cooperation and influence

Make partner learning as resource

Who is the qualified leader?

The project is open to the members in EFC. We encourage the management to participate. The applicants should promise to join the project activities positively and respect the privacy of other participants. The organization of the applicants should support the applicants to join the project all the way. The project activities will be held in English, thus, the ability for implementing work with English is critical.

The project location is in Europe and China, which exchanges every other year, the participants of each year are different. The participants will have the opportunity to visit and interview the local organization (two-hour drive) to experience the local philanthropic organization and non-governmental organization work in person.

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