Scholarship Program of Harvard University

Non-profit organizations around the world are trying to solve the same basic problems like influence, to help innovation and to understand the challenging role of non-profit organizations in the society. China Global Philanthropy Institute and Harvard Kennedy School of Government launched the program jointly and called on Chinese management personnel from non-profit sectors to participate in the intensive training which last for 3 weeks (20 days) to share knowledge, experience and creation.

The program centers on the theme of "leadership", both expertise and their interests of the participants are involved. The purpose of this program is to let the participants gain a new perspective, new tools and new insights to apply in the respective services, to improve the work efficiency and influence of the institution.

Scholars and leaders from non-profit institutions, which are the same occupations, will carry out team and all interactive communication in this program in order to find out the problems and explore the alternative schemes. In addition to acquire knowledge and information, participants will have the following opportunities: 

- To learn global trend and the meaning to participants' leadership work and organization;

- To use peer resources, learn habits of efficient managers and high-performing organizations;

- To join in high potential international talent group and establish contact with international philanthropy experts and the same occupations;

- To solve problems actively;

- To explore how to use the power of collaboration, promote influence and enhance the ability to solve the problem.

Themes on the Agenda

(To Be Announced)


The lecturing instructors of the program are all professors from Harvard University, who are of many years experience in non-profitable organization management and research.

Dates and Location

The program will be held from February 19 to March 10, 2017 in America. The participants will not only study in Boston, but also have the opportunity to carry out site study in New York, Washington and other places to experience the working environment of local foundations and non-profitable organizations in person.


Senior managers from Chinese non-profitable organizations, Vice Secretary General of foundations, principals of special fund, organization director-general and above will participate the program.

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