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Fang Yi

In 2005, she joined Orient Landscape, is one of executives in early entrepreneurship. In July 2015, she become secretry general of Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation. For years, she made great practice education in promoting the public welfare industry innovation, promote the construction of think-tank, individuals to donate to the important practice, made an important contribution.

In 2015, she participated in the set up preparation of China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), promote Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation and other domestic philanthropy institutes to work with the world philanthropy giant Mr. Bill Gates, and other well-known American philanthropy institutes, to promote the development of Chinese and global philanthropy, improve philanthropy education level, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the field of philanthropy, boost reform and innovation to global philanthropy.

In 2014, she promote Qiaonyu Foundation donate to Renmin University of China, which successfully founded "Ecological Financial Research Center in Renmin University of China", it is the first ecological financial think tank in China, it undertakes partial topic research in "China Green Finance Set Up Propose" for the People's Bank of China. It also undertakes important topic for China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Devleopment in "Reform of Green Finance and Build of Green Finance System", and published "Ecological Finance Blue Book".

In July 2011, she personally donated RMB 10 million to Beijing Foreign Studies University for the set up of "Global Strategic Talents Training Fund", this donation is known as the largest individual donation since established in 70 years. " Global Strategic Talents Training Scheme" aims to cultivate talents with multiple language, professional compound, cross-cultural communication and speculative abilities, together with leading talents of high national responsibility and global concentration.

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