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Niu Ben

Niu Ben is a second-generation Chinese Philanthropist, who is an active project manager in his family's foundation, the Lao Noi Foundation, as well as chairman of the Lao Niu Brother & Sister Philanthropy Foundation, which was jointly established by him and his sister in 2014. With the support and encouragement of his father, Mr. Niu Gensheng, Niu Ben has focused his philanthropic efforts on environmental protection. Having witnessed first-hand the environmental degradation in his home province of Inner Mogolia, Niu Ben recognized the need for philanthropists to devote increased resources to environmental protection. This commitment deepened following works with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya. Since then, he has overseen many Lao Niu Foundation environmental projects, including a $6 million grant to The Nature Conservancy (TNC). As Co-Founder and Chairman of the Lao Niu Brother & Sister Philanthropy Foundation, Niu Ben intends to continue his devotion in philanthropy.

In November 2011, Niu Ben and his family visted Pocantico and Kykuit on a program organized by CPRI, during which they had many deep conversations with the Rockefeller family. Following the conclusion of the program, the family continued with many subsequent exchanges an dialogues. Influenced by the Focefeeler family, Niu Ben co-founded Lao Niu Brother & Sister Philanthropy Foundation in 2014, and currently serves as Chairman. The Lao Niu Brother & Sister Philanthropy Foundation will mainly focus on child care, youth entrepreneurship, and family philanthropy research and advocacy.

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