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About CGPI

In November, 2012, He Qiaonv, Chairman of Oriental Landscape, donated and founded Beijing Qiaonv Foundation and made rewarding attempts in female entrepreneurship, environmental protection, medical care, poverty relief, culture and art inheritance, policy research and philanthropy promotion. In recent years, He Qiaonv was "grateful and concerning about the earth" and contributed a lot of time and resources and experienced many significant moments in  Chinese philanthropy. All of these made her deeply comprehended that concerning about social philanthropy not only needs to spread the seeds of philanthropy and promote the spirit of philanthropy, but also needs professional personnels to promote philanthropy innovation and support the industry development.

To better perform the entrepreneurs' social responsibility and promote the development of philanthropy and social progress, He Qiaonv planned and promised to donate 76.3 million shares of stocks in Beijing Oriental Landscape LLC, calculating by the share price on September 18, 2015, the stock value is RMB2.818 billion. The donation method is cash donation after He cuts back on stocks.