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About CGPI

Lao Niu Foundation is a non-public raising foundation undertaking social welfare and charitable activities founded at the end of 2004, by Niu Gensheng, the Founder, Former President and Chairman of Mengniu Dairy Group and his family through donating his stocks in Mengniu Dairy and most of the bonus, the registration unit is the Civil Affairs Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the competent business unit is the Financing Office of the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The foundation's purpose is "help others and help yourself, be grateful; nurture men and plant trees, be responsible"; the mission is "found the nation with education, found the survival with environment, found the society with philanthropy", the main philanthropic direction is environmental protection, cultural education ad industry promotion, so as to make contribution for the healthy life and equal development of human beings, "inherit for a hundred years, guard the future".

By the end of 2015, the foundation has altogether cooperated with 142 organizations, institutions and individuals at home and abroad to carry out 171 philanthropic projects in various fields which covered throughout 29 provinces in China (municipalities / autonomous regions), USA, Canada, Britain, France, Africa, Nepal and other regions; the public welfare expenditure reached RMB0.98 billion.

In addition, the foundation was listed at "the top list of 2014 China non-public raising foundation donation", and successively evaluated as "excellent organization" in "2013 - 2014 China Charity Transparent Report", top at "2015 China Foundation Transparency Index", awarded with "2014 Intelligence Donation Promoter", "China-Europe Green Award"; awarded with "National Advanced Social Organization" by Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, "5A Social Organization" by Inner Mongolia Civil Affairs Department and "Philanthropy Outstanding Contribution Award" by Hohhot Government.