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About CGPI

Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation is a non-public offering and donation foundation, registered and founded in Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs in January, 2014. Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation devotes to providing fund support to child welfare, education, social organization innovation and many other fields so as to contribute its strength to the professional ability improvement in Chinese social philanthropy and the construction of harmonious society.

In recent two years, Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation subsidized the fruitful non-governmental public welfare organizations in disabled orphans rescue, mentally retarded teenagers companionship and career guidance, floating children education and many other fields. Meanwhile, the foundation witnessed the flourish vitality of the domestic outstanding public welfare organizations and the persistence and creativity of hardworking philanthropists during the supervision and the mutual-learning for these organizations, growing together in cooperation and challenges. Now Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation is dedicated to helping the assisted public welfare organizations to raise their own fund-raising ability so as to realize sustainable development.

Mr. Ray Dalio is the Co-founder and initial advocate of China Global Philanthropy Institute, as well as the Founding Director of Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation, he has been continuously providing donation support for Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation. Entrusted by Ray Dalio, Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation joined the preparation of China Global Philanthropy Institute as one of the five initial foundations and will continuously provide donation support for China Global Philanthropy Institute for the next five years.