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Public Welfare Management

  • Curriculum Development Support

1. Undertake the curriculum design, domestic and Hongkong lecturers & guests invitation, full assistance in teaching and part of the course upon EMP 2016 Spring Class Core required “Public Welfare Organization Governance”.

2. Participate in graduation thesis instruction and design, graduation defense of EMP 2016 Spring Class

  • Research Report

1. Jinggang Charity Forum shall plan to release “Report on Hongkong Philanthropy organization Development in Mainland” on Oct. 20, 2016--Oct. 21, 2016.

2. Develop the standard of "Improve Quality of Disclosure and Transparency upon Charity Information”, publish the Investigation report and practice case of charity transparency in Shenzhen estimated on 23th of September.

Public Welfare and Humanity

  • Seminar

On Sept. 6, 2016, Wenlian made a topic speech regarding “Triple Realm of Public Welfare from Traditional Culture-- Rationality, Sensibility, Awareness” on “World Charity Forum” sponsored by Tsinghua University.

  • Research Report

On Sept. 24, 2016, China Charity Cultural Forum (Shenzhen) shall plan to publish the research report of “Development Trend of Chinese Traditional Culture and the Concept of Public Welfare”.

Social Services and Public Policy

  • Research Report

1. Cooperated with China Charity Research Institute, it is estimated to publish “ Progress Index Report of China's Social Policy” in October, 2016.

2. Develop social forces participating in disaster relief research, upcoming release “Current Situation, Challenges and Path Selection of Chinese & Foreign Social Forces Participating in Disaster Relief”.

Research on Industry Trend

Normal Information and Trend Analysis

1. Weekly publish information product of Weekly Charity Dynamics.

2. Monthly publish China Charity Monthly Analysis.

Industry Evaluation Index System

1. Develop charity-development evaluation index system-- "China Charity Progress Index", published "China Charity Progress Index Report (2016)" in March 2016.

Family Philanthropy Heritage Center relies on the strategic cooperation with Niu Gensheng family, He Qiaonv family, U.S. Rockefeller family, Gates family and Harvard University, Indiana University and other institutions, focusing on the family philanthropy, family wealth inheritance, family management and family human capital construction. Its core mission is to provide services such as research, training, advocacy and counseling, enhance the social value for Chinese wealth groups, leading the wealth family to the positive and good influence, promote the fair and developing society construction.

Research Field

(I) Industry evaluation: Research and publish family philanthropy list, cases, reports and other research products and professional research, communication activities so as to enhance the social value of China's wealth elite;

(II)Value guide: Provide high-end communication and training for new philanthropists, enhance their ability to reach mission, planning and execute public projects, leading to social wealth to goodness;

(III) Philanthropic wealth inheritance: Share and teach the method of philanthropic wealth inheritance and sustainable development for Chinese entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, provide the routes for family property involved in the impact investments, social enterprises.

(IV) Family construction: Provide high-end communication and training for the wealth family and and its members (spouse, children) with regard to the harmonious family construction and intergenerational transmission, enhance family cohesion;

(V) Exchanges and cooperation: Promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese philanthropists and global important philanthropic families, assist participants to accumulate social capital, enhance the global reputation and influence upon family philanthropy;

( VI) Etiquette promotion: Provide the artistic appreciation, cultural heritage, scientific literacy and other aspects of information, communication and training to the wealth family and its members, construct the philanthropic wealth circle from the "rich" to the "respectable" .