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The mission of Public Welfare Center is to construct good acknowledge system, enhance the sustainable development capacity and social influence for public welfare sector in China as well as other countries through action-research.

Public Welfare Center consists of four operating divisions, respectively as Public-welfare Management Research, Public Welfare and Humanity, Social Services and Public Policy, Public Welfare Sector Research and Consulting, specifically taking the function of business trends analysis, research product development, course development and case study, project cooperation, project research, consultation service etc.


 Conduct Basic Research

1. Theoretical research: comb the research production of charity culture, Family legacy, social policy, public welfare management related with public welfare, constructing the knowledge system based on the good economy, and provide the knowledge reserve for the course development and consulting service.

2. Field analysis: monitor the dynamic information, construct new field database, on this basis, describe the status quo, summarize the rule, analyze the development trend, publish the monthly analysis and annual report of the public welfare field.


Develop and Research Products

1. Data-basis Products. Research releases with the data-basis products in the field of public welfare which play an important advocacy and leading role, such as China Donation Top Hundred, Global Public Welfare Top Hundred, China Public Welfare Progress Index etc.

2. Field standards and operational guidelines, research and develop the relevant standard of public welfare charitable field, carry out the related certification work; prepare public welfare organizations & operational practice guidelines, improve the professional level of the public welfare field.

3. Best practice or awards. Conduct case research, comb the best practical experience of public welfare field; develop, select and publish relevant awards in the field of public welfare.


Support Curriculum R & D

1. Curriculum development: according to GPL, EMP and other course system, participate in curriculum research, design and development. At the same time, set up small training program for accumulating the material of constructive curriculum development in accordance with the development requirement of the public welfare field.

2. Teaching material development: prepare the comparatively mature courseware as teaching material or reference.

3. Case development: according to the teaching objectives and tasks, do the job of teaching case design and research, writing.

4. Teaching support: participate in the field teaching, take the function of the teaching assistant, master the students' real demand.


 Conduct Research Advocacy Activity

1. Topic research: undertake the topic of research or project in field of public welfare, investigate and in-depth study the specific issues.

2. Conference session: plan and organize conference, investigate and study the hotspots and challenges of this field, explore solutions or promote action.

3. Concept communication: spread the idea and the results of CGPI through the media interview, publishing a review article and participating in the conference speech activities, etc.


Provide Consultation Services

1. Provide research report, present professional assessment report or special subject research report for relevant public welfare institutions, academic institutions or government agencies.

2. Provide consultation services. Participate in project design and implementation organized by the alumni, students, donors, government departments and charitable organization, providing strategic consultation, management consultation, project planning, project evaluation and other professional services.