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The Center for Family Philanthropy(CFP) is one of the professional think tanks operated by the CGPI. The FPLC aims to pass on knowledge of wealth inheritance, facilitate the investment of family fortune for social impact, enhance the social value of the activities of wealthy Chinese groups, and equip wealthy groups to design and carry out philanthropic projects through research, training, advocacy and consultancy. Its ultimate goals are to lead wealth groups to engage in philanthropy and to promote shared values and social fairness.

Research Field

(I) Field evaluation: research and publish Family philanthropy list, cases, reports and other research products and professional research, communication activities so as to enhance the social value of China's wealth elite;

(II) Value guide: provide high-end communication and training for new philanthropists, enhance their ability to reach mission, planning and execute public projects, leading to social wealth to good influence;

(III) Good wealth inheritance: share and teach the method of good wealth inheritance and sustainable development for Chinese entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, provide the routes for family property involved in the impact investments, social enterprises.

(IV) Family construction: provide high-end communication and training for the wealth family and and its members (spouse, children) with regard to the harmonious family construction and intergenerational transmission, enhance family cohesion;

(V) Exchanges and cooperation: promote the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese philanthropist and global important charity family, assist the participants to accumulate social capital, enhance the global reputation and influence upon the Family philanthropy;

(VI) Etiquette promotion: provide the artistic appreciation, cultural heritage, scientific literacy and other aspects of information, communication and training to the wealth family and its members, construct the good financial circle from the "rich" to the "respectable" .

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