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Global Philanthropy Leaders Program (GPL) 

Introduction to GPL Program

- Being the first philanthropy program targeting China's High Networth Individuals, it aims at the production and dissemination of innovative "philanthropic knowledge."

- It explores the potential demand and expands the philanthropic capacity of socially wealthy groups through its reliance on 4 major courses, 3 minor courses and other practical courses, so as to achieve maximum value addition to material wealth and spiritual wealth.

- It provides global philanthropy leaders a top level network of lecturers for global exchange, learning, and practice, besides offering customized and strategic philanthropic consultation services.


Program Objectives

To lead the ideas of China's first generation of High Networth Individuals in terms of family legacy, and meet their strategic needs concerning family legacy.

- To gain "philanthropic knowledge" and achieve "philanthropic economy" by using world's top exchange platforms for philanthropists and collaboration with top universities.

- To foster philanthropy leaders that have a global vision, characteristic of family inheritance, social entrepreneurship skills and ability to lead the society's development.


Major Courses: Family Philanthropy and Family Legacy (New York, United States), Philanthropy Leadership (Harvard University, United States), Social Innovation and Social Finance (United Kingdom), and Humanity and Philanthropy (Chinese Mainland and Taiwan, China)

Minor Courses: Arts and Philanthropy Innovation (France), Traditional Culture and Social Service (Taiwan, China), and Philanthropic Culture and Innovation (India)

Practical Courses: R&D and Design for Philanthropy Programs, and International Philanthropic Communication and Cooperation

Program Features


- Set up an internal resource docking platform that is open and interactive;

- Share world's top exchange platform for philanthropists;

- Join the Global Philanthropy Leaders' Club (GPL Club) and Global Philanthropy Leaders United Fund (UF) for jointly donating and investing in philanthropy programs with famous philanthropists and institutions both at home and abroad;

- Organize trainees to regularly visit the program site and carry out exchange activities for sharing their experience;

- Attend the East-West philanthropy forums and special summits;

- Join the Global Philanthropy Leaders Program Club to share the resource platform for interaction, learning, communication and cooperation;

- Dialogue with the Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC), the world's top philanthropy group.


- Advices from Chairman Ma Weihua and President Wang Zhenyao; Cooperation with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and a 2-year one-to-one strategy consultancy for "philanthropic economy";

- Attend practical courses for dialogue with world's top philanthropists; perceive the charm of "goodness" and "elegance;" and further the professional standards of philanthropy.

Global Philanthropy Leaders (GPL) Program Consulting Service

"Global Philanthropy Leaders Program" will build top masters and global communication, learning and practicing network for the students and provide customized and individual philanthropic strategy consulting service.

President Wang Zhenyao, leading figure in Chinese philanthropy, cooperated with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other organizations to carry out a two-year one-to-one philanthropic economy strategy consult. The students will have the opportunity to join the visit dialogue practice course of the top global philanthropists and deeply perceive the charm of "goodness" and "elegance", to further advance the professional level of philanthropy.

Consulting service will be relied on the professional resources and philanthropic platform of top colleges and universities and philanthropic organizations at home and abroad, the consulting service includes but not limited to:

- Philanthropy leadership capability building (cooperated with Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University)

- Sustainable leadership capability building (cooperated with Institute for Sustainability Leadership of University of Cambridge)

- Social finance and social innovation consultation (cooperated with University of Oxford, Said Business School, and the Prince’s Foundation)

- Family philanthropy and family legacy (cooperated with Rothschild Family and Rockefeller Family)

- Macro development and strategic plan of philanthropic foundation (Taiwan Tzu Chi Foundation)

- Registration, law works, management and mechanism building of charitable institutions