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Global Philanthropy Leaders Program (GPL) 

Course Features

GPL is the world's first innovative, international and practical program for ultra-high net worth individuals. The program is designed to increase the social impact of the wealthy, and to assist wealthy families in building a long-lasting legacy.

GPL is an international program that includes four dimensions: business for good, wealth for good, lifestyle for good, and actions for good. Participants graduate after completing 6 modules in 2 years.

Mission-driven mentorship from leading philanthropists

Through collaboration with Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, and other leaders in business and philanthropy, we have developed an active, international network of leading philanthropic individuals and families from around the globe, and a platform for sharing knowledge about the theory and practice of passing down a legacy of wealth and generosity.

International collaboration across business and philanthropy

GPL participants are invited to join the Giving Pledge, sponsored by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, thereby entering the exclusive circle of the world's most generous philanthropists, all of whom have signed on to this united action.

Lifelong learning as a GPL member

To join the GPL program is to become a member of the GPL Club. GPL members can take part in activities such as salons, lectures, social investment circles, etc., enjoy access to advanced courses at CGPI, and continue lifelong learning.

Eligible Participants

HNWI's who wish to establish a legacy by passing down family business and philanthropic practices to the next generation Outstanding entrepreneurs interested in shifting their business practices to have more positive social impact Financiers who want to explore impact investing Other elites with backgrounds in business and philanthropy

Course Modules

1 Political Economy and Philanthropy Education (September | CGPI campus, China)

Presented by leading experts and scholars in the fields of international relations, finance, and economics from around the world, this course covers the latest trends in world politics, economics, and science & technology, outlines the theory of "business and philanthropy", and teaches about the most important aspects of charity tax exemption policy, charitable organization governance, and the management of philanthropic funds.

Curriculum Highlights

Lectures by prominent scholars and practitioners such as: Co-Chairman of Global CEO Development Conference, Chairman of China Globalization Think Tank (CCG), Long Yongtu; President of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Dean of China Philanthropy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University, Wang Zhenyao; former Chief Economist of World Bank, National Development Research at Peking University, Lin Yifu; and Professor Lester M. Salamon of Johns Hopkins University.

2 Social Finance and Social Innovation (October 2019 | University of Oxford, UK)

This course is taught by leading speakers in global impact investment, social finance, and social innovation. The course introduces the new frontiers of philanthropy, including social bonds, green finance and social entrepreneurship. Participants learn how to combine finance with philanthropy, and further grow their businesses and investments while having a positive impact.

Curriculum Highlights

Participants visit the Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew Gardens), the Nature Conservancy, Inspiring Scotland, and the Eddington Group. They hear lectures from: Chairman of the Board of Directors of CGPI, former president of China Merchants Bank, Ma Weihua; founder of Muirhead Consulting, senior consultant of Asia Venture Philanthropy Network, Andrew Muirhead; Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Oxford University Sa d Business School, Marc Ventresca; and president of Social Finance (UK), David Hutchison.

3 Classical Wisdom for Harmonious Living (January 2020 | Forbidden City, China)

Based on traditional Chinese wisdom, this course focuses on topics such as the mind-body connection, family relations, art and charity. Participants experience the richness of China's cultural inheritance, explore the source of truth, goodness and beauty, contemplate the true value of wealth, and uncover the secret to a beautiful, meaningful life.

Curriculum Highlights

Participants visit the Forbidden City, Tzu Chi Jingsi College, and other prominent institutions and experience the philosophy of meditation through a Zen tea ceremony. They are lectured by: Former President of the Forbidden City Museum, Shan Jixiang; Chair of the China Institute, Chien Chung Pei; Vice Chairman of the Dunhe Foundation, Vice President of the Chinese Culture Academy, Chen Yueguang; French philosopher, Xinde Xinsi and YISHU 8 founder, Christine Cayol; Tzu Chi Foundation Humanities Development Office, Rey-Sheng Her; and president of the Asian Legacy Library, John Brady.

4 Global Philanthropy Leadership and 'Principles' (April 2020 | Harvard University, USA)

At Harvard Kennedy School, participants study Ray Dalio's "Principles", learn new frameworks for improving the efficacy of both business and charity undertakings in the new era of globalization, and explore what it means to be a "leader" in both sectors.

Curriculum Highlights

Participants visit the oldest community foundation in the United States—Boston Community Foundation. Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater, presents on his best-selling book, 'Principles'. Participants are lectured by: professor Anthony Saich, director of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School; Michael Sandel, professor of Harvard University; and advisor to former US President Barack Obama, Marshall Ganz.

Advanced Research Courses

Impact Investing and Technology for Good (Seattle, USA)

Visit the Gates Foundation and learn how to share and technology for good with the world.

Art Philanthropy and Rural Revitalization (Nagashima, Japan)

Visit the Inland Sea of Seto, the Holy Land of Charity Aesthetics, to study social investment and art to revitalize the countryside.

Family Legacy and Arts Philanthropy (Turin, Italy)

Visit elite European families, such as the Agnellis, to study art collection philanthropy and culture.

Cultural Contexts of Philanthropy and Social Innovation (New Delhi, India)

Visit philanthropic Indian families to study philanthropy, humanities, religious charity, and social innovation.

A Century of Legacy and Philanthropic Innovation (Paris, France)

Visit the world's art capital to study art education and innovative philanthropic initiatives.

Climate Change and Social Initiatives (Melbourne, Australia)

Learn about technology for good and social innovation, and study impact investment and sustainable development.

Social Finance and Strategic Philanthropy (Zurich, Switzerland)

Visit well-known private wealth management organizations to study family wealth and strategic philanthropy planning.

East-West Philanthropy Summit (Hawaii, USA)

Participate in the Davos Forum of the global philanthropic community, and mingle with members of the East-West philanthropy family