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International Top Philanthropic Communication and Joint Action Platform

——Global Philanthropy Leaders United Fund (UF)

Global Philanthropy Leaders United Fund (UF) is initiated jointly by the Global Philanthropy Leaders Program philanthropists and the representatives of philanthropy foundations. The foundation will attract the Chinese and American philanthropists and organizations and that of other countries to join as member and implement open mechanism to widely absorb the philanthropists and organizations that agree with the developmental ideas of United Fund. Especially encourage Chinese philanthropists to join and invest public charitable projects with joint donation. The UF donation projects are not limited in China, it advocates to carry out united donation and investment through professional and innovative philanthropy mode and method, such as the donated projects are other project forms of social enterprises or social innovations that solves significant social problems.

UF Mission

Promote resources integration of philanthropy through innovative philanthropist united action;

Improve philanthropic donation quality and efficiency through strategic united donation mode;

Advance practice and innovation level of philanthropy through influential united philanthropic project achievements;

Promote solutions on key social problems and the advancement and upgrading of human civilization through philanthropy united action.

UF Purpose

Through free will, mutual assistance and win-win method, form a united mechanism with international philanthropy donors, build a donation platform for philanthropic projects, and establish an experience sharing network of international philanthropists and donors, so as to realize the optimization arrangement of social resources and solve prominent social problems with precise and innovative methods.

UF Work

The member agrees the UF developmental ideas and joins the UF, promising the donation in philanthropy in the future will not be less than RMB1 million, the amount will be regarded as the member’s donation promise in the UF, which will be donated in the project solely launched by the member or the project co-launched the philanthropic project of UF. The philanthropic projects will mainly involve sustainable industry, environmental protection, hygiene and health, precise poverty relief, child care, soldier’s dependents care, youth entrepreneurship, social finance, medical health, family philanthropy and many other significant issues related to social development, social enterprises, social innovation and other fields, promoting to implement united donation and investment in professional and innovation philanthropic modes and methods.

Recent News on UF

Students of GPL attended the 2016 East-West Sustainability Summit and granted an interview to American President Obama and promised to donate RMB6 billion of the United Fund to philanthropy.

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