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Summit on Sustainable Development of East West Charity Forum

Third East West Charity Forum

Unite Charity Power all over the World, Permanent Brilliantly Blue Star

On Sept. 1, 2016local date in Hawaii, USA, three-day Summit on SustainableDevelopment of EastWest Charity Forum cameon an end. This Summit is the first World Philanthropist Conference themed of sustainabledevelopment, jointly sponsored by China Global Philanthropy Institute and East WestCenter, as the philanthropists over the world exploring solutions uponbiodiversity conservation, green finance and low-carbon city development, greensupply chain, new-energy investment and climate change, leaders cultivation forsustainable society and other fields, and jointly operating with the philanthropistsfrom the East and the West. On 31st of August local time, President Obamadelivered a speech in the Summit on Sustainable Development of East West CharityForum and Pacific Island Leaders Conference, appealing for all countries join together,taking action for climate change and environmental protection.

The Summit has achieved a number of achievements in the field of sustainable development of public welfare leadership, green finance, green supply chain, wetlands and migratory birds protection, as well as new energy investment and other fields. Among that, Beijing Qiaonv Public Welfare Foundation promises to plan 5 to 10 joint action projects each year within the following five years, with the amount of donations expecting to reach RMB5 billion; the overseas projects accounting for20% at a minimum , at least 10 projects processing in overseas among 50 projects. Alashan SEE Foundation- Renniaofei Project and Laoniu Foundation have achieved initial intent of cooperation on wetlands and migratory birds’ protection. Members of GPL respectively promise to reach the action target of future public welfare with the total amount of 6.02 billion. In addition, cooperation projects regarding Green Supply Chain Standardization Initiative of Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, Millennium Seed Project of British Royal Garden have been prompted through the Submit. 


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