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The Cooperation and development center is committed to promoting the communication and cooperation among China Charity and charitable organizations around the world, improve the international level of China's public welfare charity. Promote the implementation of public welfare oriented cooperation projects, serve for college sustainable development as well as sponsors and strategic partners through developing good financial leaders, consulting project cooperation, donor development plan and build international cooperation platform.

There set coordination office for Global Leadership Program for good fortune (GPL), ministry of consultation and cooperation, department of international exchange and cooperation in the center.

BWM children’s sweet home village teacher training program

The “BWM children’s sweet home” village teacher training program sponsored by China Charity Federation BMW Love Fund has made full use of the high quality education resources of Beijing Normal University to create a new model of rural education. The program has held two times of short-term training, the main contents of the training was education management, teacher's professional ethics education, educational psychology, art education, above 100 rural principals and key teachers participated in the training. The program paid attention to the science, emphasized the development of educational idea and the systematicness of the overall promotion, actively explored the effective way for enterprise to provide service for education. 

The program will continue to make useful attempts to promote the balanced development of compulsory education, strengthen the construction of teachers in rural weak schools, narrowing the urban-rural gap.


Strategic cooperation of the Beijing Warm Foundation

BeijingWarmFoundationis part of the Beijing Federation ofTradeUnions, an important social welfare force in Beijing City, an important social welfare force in Beijing City. The foundation and the China Global Philanthropy Institute have determined the implementation of strategic cooperation based on the common mission identification. China Global Philanthropy Institute will be providing for the foundation full services as strategic development planning, professional management consulting, project consulting, brand building and capacity building, develop various types of special funds, complete the emergency rescue method of the workers as well as helping service system, and build a charity platform of “Specialization, socialization, standardization” for service the workers to endeavor to create a banner in the field of public welfare in Beijing.


Cooperation with the Shenzhen Wealth Charitable FoundationSupportProject

Shenzhen Wealth Charitable Foundation supported the projects of “Philanthropy management personnel training” and “hundreds of counties and thousands of villages”

In the afternoon of June 16, 2016, China Global Philanthropy Institute, Shenzhen Wealth Charitable Foundation public strategic news conference and China Global Philanthropy Institute project cooperation launch ceremony was held in the Shenzhen Civic Centre. The conference was hold by Shenzhen Wealth Charitable Foundation, and won the support of Shenzhen charity society. World Federation of Public Welfare Foundation, Weima Sports Foundation, Shenzhen Ordinary Hero Foundation, Yan Peng Mengxiang Charity Foundation,and China Education Foundation for the next generation have participated in the activities. On the conference, Shenzhen Wealth Charitable Foundation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Global Philanthropy Institute, it will donate RMB 2 million to the China Global Philanthropy Institute to Support its management personnel training project and the "hundreds of counties and thousands of villages" project.


Chinese and EuropeanPhilanthropy LeadershipPartnerProgram

The program was funded by Mercator fund investment, jointly implemented by China Global Philanthropy Institute and European Foundation Center. The project circle was 2016-2018.

In 2016, it selected 10 middle level leaders or senior professional staffs in China, together with 10 European Foundation partners, will start a 10-days intensive learning and sharing activities in Belgium Brussels in September. Around the theme of leadership and social innovation, it combined capacity building with cross cultural communication, it was peer learning based and supplemented with the sharing and consulting of the excellent project mentors and experts, put out questions and explore solutions in an interactive way.

This is a milestone in the EU and China cooperation in the field of public welfare, and will open up a new era of EU and China cooperation in public welfare.

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