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International Charity Management EMP of China Global Philanthropy Institute has nurtured nearly 200 middle and senior management talents of charitable organizations as well as entrepreneurs who are willing to devote themselves to the public welfare all over the country since October 2013. Most of them currently engage in NGO or take a leadership post or occupy in senior management. Now, “Three & Three Party” spontaneously organized by alumnus has been held the Eleventh Session (Wednesday, 3:00 pm, the third week each month), as the project cooperation between the alumni is becoming more and more frequent.

To further cultivate the sense of belonging of alumni, develop the influence and sustainable development of alumni activities, strengthen alumni cohesion and centripetal force, promote learning and communication between alumni, pursue better development for alumni in the future, drive the resources sharing and public areas cooperation between alumni, we herein establish "Alumni Association of China Global Philanthropy Institute" in response to the majority of alumni requirements based on existing alumni activities, further improving the Alumni Service, promoting the standardized construction for alumni platform.